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2018 VFL - Round 8 - Port Melbourne v Casey Demons


Round 8 – 26/05/2018


North Port Oval

Port Melbourne

B: 20. G. Dickson, 21. L. Cook, 3. L. Tynan

HB: 37. H. Hooper, 8. D. Van Unen, 28. R. Nahas

C: 5. S.  Lange, 10. M.  Arnot, 4. T.  O’Sullivan

HF: 1. M. Rivett, 7. D. Conway, 18. M. Wooffindin

F: 19. A. Anastasio, 6. J. Lisle, 32. B. Pearson

R: 2. K. Haretuku, 14. I. Conway, 35. E. Templeton

Int: 15. D. Beddison, 17. A. Carr, 39. K. Dove, 9. A. Krakauer, 11. B. Lloyd, 45. J. O’Brien, 43. A. Vella, 29. C. Walker

23P: 30. E. Phillips


In: A. Vella, J. O’Brien, K. Dove, D. Conway, A. Carr

Out: D. Viojo-Rainbow



Casey Demons

B: 55. H. Petty, 45. D. Keilty, 42. J. Wagner

HB: 29. J. Hunt, 17. S. Frost, 44. J. Smith

C: 19. M.  Hannan, 71. D.  Tyson, 33. J.  Kennedy-Harris

HF: 12. T. Bugg, 21. C. Pedersen, 31. B. Fritsch

F: 36. J. Garlett, 54. H. Balic, 43. J. Harmes

R: 47. L. Filipovic, 15. B. Stretch, 11. C. Spargo

Int: 56. O. Baker, 32. J. Briggs, 37. D. Johnstone, 34. M. King, 14. M. Lewis, 18. J. Lockhart, 22. G. Lok, 24. C. MacHaya, 6. J. Munro, 27. A. Scott, 13. C. Wagner, 2. M. White

23P: 35. A. Quigley


In: J. Harmes, D. Tyson, M. Hannan, B. Fritsch, M. King, C. MacHaya, C. Spargo, J. Briggs, A. Quigley

Out: J. Di Pasquale

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Due to working in the country yesterday, I missed out on getting along to this one. 


It must have been a bloody frustrating game to watch for the Borough faithful as inaccuracy again cost us dearly.

10 goals and 23 behinds is enough scoring opportunities and the club may rue the loss when a finals spot is on the line.

For those that did go. How was the centre wicket area? 


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Centre wicket better than last week and no problem. Not perfect lawn bowls grass there but it is in good enough condition for us to play on. Yes it was a frustrating day at the office, two weeks in a row that bad kicking has cost us. Could have had 8 points in the last 2 games but instead have 0 ! I said it earlier on in the season - bad kicking will cost us at some point and here we are unfortunarely seeing that happen. It has been something that we have generally struggled with over recent years. 5 posts in that 23 behinds.


37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port Melbourne 2.9-21 4.14-38 8.18-66 10.23-83
Casey Demons 2.1-13 8.2-50 10.5-65 15.8-98



Goal Kickers: I. Conway 2, T. O''Sullivan 2, B. Pearson, S. Lange, J. Lisle, A. Carr, K. Haretuku, M. Wooffindin
Best Players: I. Conway, G. Dickson, T. O''Sullivan, D. Beddison, S. Lange, A. Carr


Goal Kickers: H. Balic 3, T. Bugg 2, D. Tyson 2, J. Kennedy-Harris 2, A. Quigley, J. Garlett, J. Munro, J. Smith, C. Wagner, D. Keilty
Best Players: B. Stretch, M. Lewis, C. Wagner, H. Petty, S. Frost, D. Keilty