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Pretto, Deaton, Einsiedel, Owen given life membership of VFL

Wonder why this took so long? Well deserved in each case.

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Rino Pretto a gun player who was strong as an ox. Michael Owen who would have stood out more at any other club but with Pretto was a powerful combination. John Einsedel a Caulfield legend and Mick Deaton likewise with the bloods. Good choices. About time some VFA players were recognised in the AFL Hall of Fame. Well overdue they were looked at. I hope that there is mention and is acknowledged that Douglas Nicholls played for the mighty Northcote dragons..  

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I remember Pretto well. One of the best contested marks in VFA history. Bit slow from memory but very clever and rarely missed a shot at goal.

Johnny Einsiedel was the heart and soul of the Bears. Tough as nails, uncompromising and highly skilled - nicknamed Doull as he played CHB in a style similar to Bruce Doull. Captained the club then coached them without payment in the final years. 

I heard Phil Cleary being interviewd on radio recently and he was asked about some of his toughest opponents in the VFA. He mentioned John first up, telling a story about how Einsiedel whacked him one day at Coburg and put his lights out. I reckon Phil is only telling half the story. If John hit him it would have been a square up. He was as fair a player as he was tough.