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VFL R10 - Sandringham v Frankston


Round 10 – 10/06/2018


Trevor Barker Beach Oval


B: 1. D. Weickhardt, 22. H. Goddard, 33. B. White

HB: 29. O. Clavarino, 31. D. Joyce, 28. B. Miller

C: 10. N.  Freeman, 25. D.  Armitage, 30. D.  Langlands

HF: 17. J. Haidon, 23. T. Lamb, 34. N. Wright

F: 7. R. Connellan, 6. H. Mclean, 27. N. Smith

R: 18. B. Longer, 2. K. Answerth, 5. B. Seccull

Int: 35. L. Batten, 26. J. Billings, 8. J. Bruce, 9. M. Cook, 19. R. Marshall, 16. B. Paton, 15. J. Sziller, 3. L. Verma

23P: 24. J. Hille


In: J. Bruce, B. Longer, R. Marshall, J. Billings, D. Joyce, B. Paton, B. White, B. Miller, N. Freeman

Out: J. Battle,  S. Fisher,  J. Matera,  C. Carnovale,  N. Coffield




B: 19. C. Larkin, 30. K. Gray, 6. L. Williams

HB: 16. B. Hillard, 23. D. Wyatt, 42. M. Mock

C: 22. J.  Batchelor, 5. W.  Fordham, 10. T.  Grace

HF: 28. L. Gill-Renouf, 31. R. Turnbull, 3. C. Rich

F: 8. A. Ferreira, 4. T. Elton, 15. A. Jarnestrom

R: 27. M. McCarthy, 11. B. Mullane, 33. J. McHale

Int: 21. D. Allsop, 43. J. Davies, 26. M. DeWit, 2. M. La Fontaine, 45. K. Lylak, 39. S. Masterson, 34. P. O’Hehir-Vargas, 20. N. Scagliarini

23P: 46. L. Young


In: T. Elton, D. Allsop, C. Larkin, M. DeWit, J. Davies

Out: N. Gardiner



I reckon this is the most interesting game of the round,Elton back for the Dolphs and 9 possible changes for Sandy.

Saw Sandy last week and they were very ordinary against north,if they play like that again could be an upset coming up,wonder if they'll have an after match this week upstairs,I went up with a couple of North mates and nothing doing,the place was deserted by 5.45,what's happened to all the Sandy regulars,M.I.A?,in a bit of trouble the Zebs.

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Frankston will win this game. Specials especially if Elton is in.

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Good chance Dolphins. Their backilne looks much stronger with Wyatt back, Elton will create opportunites for the Dolphs very dangerous small forwards. Unfortunately no Lewis Pierce again - massive loss. 

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Dolphins are a huge chance against an average zebra team 


Dont you mean the St Kilda seconds vfa? No wonder no one goes to the social club after matches as the mob in the Sandy jumpers just cant win at TBO.To me they are just going through the motions with no spirit and will get a lot more hidings this season from the better AFL reserves clubs..


Sun 10 Jun 2:00 PM




22.18-150   3.10-28

Sorry vfa you were way out!Thats the nature of this BS comp you cannot predict anything for certain.


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My prediction was pretty close billy. Only 20 goals off LOL. I remember one time i had a footy bet on the margin 73 plus Richmond to beat carlton by over 73 points at princes park in mid 80s. They lost by 20 goals. Rarely bet on footy. I did have a small multi on Frankston, Williamstown and storm for today. Odds of $39. Seagulls and storm won but the dolphins? ? Bad selection. Very true billy can be hard to predict.

Wally from Will...
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some lively discussion on Footy Classified last night about the Frankston's coach and his perceived conflict of interest over the failure to curtail Jack Billings in this game, interesting ....

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Didnt see the show but sounds like hot air to me. This year is about learning for Frankston. I cant remeber him tagging a player in any game this year and there has been a few AFL players have run rampant against them.,eg Pederson, Weitering and Billings - Also Josh Bruce in the first half last week. Hes trying to teach them a game plan and they have to learn to stick to it and keep playing theur own game, irrespective of whether they are winning or getting thrashed. Bloody frustrating for supporters but you have to think bigger picture. 

Very insulting towards Adam Scobolak I believe.





What else would you expect from that shit stirring scumbag Hutcinson !!!

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