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VFL R10 - Williamstown v Richmond


Round 10 – 10/06/2018


Williamstown Football Ground


B: 18. J. Greiser, 17. J. Charleston, 21. J. Tippett

HB: 31. B. Monk, 23. J. Jones, 35. B. Myers

C: 11. J.  Dorgan, 16. B.  Bewley, 4. B.  Jolley

HF: 9. A. Marcon, 5. L. Schultz, 1. J. Pongracic

F: 3. S. Dunell, 10. L. Masters, 13. T. Schnerring

R: 7. N. Rodda, 6. M. Gibbons, 2. B. Cavarra

Int: 29. L. Bramble, 37. N. Ebinger, 8. P. Faulks, 12. L. George, 19. D. Kempster, 41. J. Minogue, 26. J. Thorpe, 24. W. Wheeler

23P: 27. B. Morrish


In: J. Charleston, D. Kempster, L. Bramble, P. Faulks, J. Minogue

Out: N. Meese




B: 39. N. Drummond, 42. R. Garthwaite, 45. P. Naish

HB: 31. O. Markov, 46. B. Miller, 37. C. Menadue

C: 17. D.  Rioli, 26. A.  Miles, 64. T.  Silvestro

HF: 48. L. Baker, 38. N. Balta, 29. S. Bolton

F: 44. T. Stengle, 40. C. Coleman-Jones, 21. J. Townsend

R: 47. I. Soldo, 27. S. Lloyd, 32. C. Ellis

Int: 58. J. Aarts, 54. J. Ballard, 55. R. Bathie, 78. D. Coffield, 67. B. Credlin, 73. J. Ernest, 74. R. Hayward, 52. S. Mannagh

23P: 60. C. Thompson


In: S. Mannagh, C. Menadue, R. Bathie, R. Hayward, D. Coffield, B. Credlin

Out: J. Fletcher, S. Morris

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Richmond have not beaten Williamstown since they have been stand alone. Seagulls were average last week and will need to improve where Richmond is flying. The tigers will be long odds on but beware of the seagulls at home especially if weather turns nasty on weekend. Wonder whats odds they have on this game.

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They dont publish the VFL markets  until late Fri afternoon. I will post them if I get a chance later.

Miles playing for the firsts wont harm Willys chances either.

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Miles too good in VFL. If he was at any other AFL club would be a regular. I notice Port Adelaide has come in from $2.30 to $1.65 against Richmond. Must be the fact Dusty is out for tonights game. Miles will be suited in Adelaide tonight as a wet night is predicted. Miles not playing at Williamstown certainly does help the seagulls. In fact it is worth a few goals. Lauchie George the ex rooster will be thriving on Sunday especially if it is wet and cold. He would love those conditions Digs. I excpect Casey to thrash Collingwood in tomorrows televised game.  


No Meese for Willy,equal to about 10 Miles',if your declaring Casey Georgie,thats enough for me ,i'm gonna smash the PIes,any odds will do!

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Take a quaddie cgull. Frankston, Williamstown, casey into lakeside oval on Tuesday. Money for jam. LOL maybe odds over $300

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Well done to Williamstown in what was a very entertaining game. Good promotion for the VFL with rough touch, good standard of exciting football.

Wal or any other Williamstown posters - what was the crowd like today ? On the tv it certainly sounded very loud, atmosphere came accross more like a finals game rather than your typical home and away.

Also noticed you guys have a large screen televising the game which I think is a 1st for the VFL (other than Geelong). Can you get a get a good view of the screen from most parts of the ground there ? I'm assuming this is a permanent thing and not just brought in for the one game. I sometimes wish we had something similar so that we can watch replays etc.

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I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On the replay screen, I'm hoping a basic one ends up at Coburg as part of the mooted redevelopment of City Oval.

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Wally from Will...
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OMG, i can't work out how we did that, absolutely appalling the last two weeks and then come out against the ladder leaders who have lost one game and have a percentage of 181 without our number 1 ruckmen Nick Meese and beat them, astounding, footy is such a weird game, just proves u never ever stop believing

Wally from Will...
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crowd was great, the large screen has been donated, located where it is for testing puposes, if its ok will be installed next to the other scoreboard depending on council approval

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Well done 'towners! Great effort!