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Stop stirring Rocker !!

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Rumour is the Club will be selling small pieces of  the North Port Oval historic turf after the last game of the season; demand is expected to be high.  If you intend to purchase a couple of square metres you should place your order early


Board of works farm at Werribee would be suitable !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Resurrecting this old thread, as after years of issues with the quality of the playing surface and the club being forced to shift games away from the ground.... The redevelopment is finally underway!! 


The old picket fence has been removed with the club selling off some of the paling (spelling?) via the clubs website. 

The ground looks quite different without the fence as you'd expect.

The turf is beginning to be dug up and the area is cordoned off with high temporary fencing. 

As part of the upgrades the playing surface is being extended by 3 metres and there will be a lot of facility upgrades including new interchange benches, new spectator viewing facilities (terracing perhaps?) and the possibility of upgraded lighting towers.. 

The upgrades are in part reliant on the ALP winning the next state election. 

I'll post up some links and photos. 


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I'm an unabashed fan of good old fashioned concrete terracing, would love to see some at NP!

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On tthe money BSB.

Having trouble trying to think of any other ground that is not terraced.

As a long time critic of of NorthPort oval I have found the surrounds to be downright dangerous & on a couple of occasions have witnessed elderly people suffer falls that have warranted overnight stays in Melbourne hospitals.

You would think that the local council would have a duty of care policy for football followers. !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Your kidding aren't you ? When did you witness falls that resulted in overnight stays at hospital ? The ground was made safer in 2013 with various walk ways replacing grassed areas. Fluro lines painted on the ground etc etc. The only safety issues that are to be seen at Northport are in relation to heart problems, often experienced after Port gives a opposition side a huge belting !

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Mega I actually slipped over at a game when it was wet over a couple of years ago on the hill behind the Williamstown Road end where the grass was quite long so it does happen

It would be nice to think someterracing is done atthe sametime  a bit moreshelte feom the weatherwould be good as well.

Only 3 metres is a small amont to lenghten as it is a very short ground they coud goo much further into he Williamstown Road end without much problem About 7- 8 metres that the Beach Road Oval was lengthened would be ideal..


No Mega not kidding just stating facts.

When you get a little older you may realise that the place is bloody dangerous, not so much the grassed are but the bitumen area leading to the rear of the grandstand.

Your club has a responsibility to the paying public as well as the players which is still to be addressed. It's called "Duty of care". Several litigation cases will fix that.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Progress photo taken by Jenny. 


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