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1999 VFL State Representative Side

Does anyone have a list from a record of the players names from the SANFL v VFL state game played at the MCG in 1999.

I have a copy of the players stats and are trying to work out who was who in the VFL side in particular the S. Taylor, was it Scott from Williamstown or Simon from Preston.


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A young matthew pavlich played for sanfl. At a guess i would say simon taylor.



The game was actually played on May 29th 1999.

SA 12.11.83 to VIC 8.11.59

The Roosters had 3 representatives:-

John Polkinghorne Capt

Tim Clarke. Wing

Shane Snibson. Full Back.  Who played on Pavlich who was drafted later that year to Fremantle at pick 4

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


There was a SCOTT TAYLOR on Williamstown list in 1999

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Thanks for that. I did find a list of representatives on the Williamstown FC website and Scott Taylor was listed so it must be him.

Be interested if anyone has a VFL record for this and other state games to get the players jumper numbers as well.

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I was at that game. First time I had seen (or heard of) Pavlich.  Had a fantastic career in footy.



Did you keep a copy of the record ?.



Speaking to John Polkinghorne, He thinks that VFL state game may have been a curtain raiser to an AFL game which would have had its own Footy record with the VFL teams included.

He is going to go through his treasures to see what he can find.

Ill keep you informed.





We might be from the bush. but we ain't green



There was a state of origin game played the same day.

So your right it would of been in the AFL record.


Just found a copy in pdf format on the Victorian Library website.

Match is listed as the curtain raiser.