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VFL R15 - Coburg v Frankston


Round 15 – 15/07/2018


Piranha Park


B: 9. N. Blair, 43. H. Nolan, 17. L. Dickson

HB: 36. J. Guthrie, 10. S. Gregory, 23. J. McDonald

C: 2. J.  Corigliano, 8. N.  Mellington, 5. R.  Exon

HF: 42. M. Lentini, 16. J. Fox, 18. S. Lowson

F: 32. B. Cannolo, 12. P. McEvoy, 3. H. Kerbatieh

R: 29. T. Goodwin, 1. B. Allan, 11. L. Bunker

Int: 13. T. Condon, 20. M. Conn, 15. J. Iacobaccio, 41. M. Kovacevic, 34. T. Lever, 37. J. Murphy, 30. J. O’Donoghue, 33. J. Weightman

23P: 24. B. Bernacki


In: T. Condon, J. O’Donoghue, J. Murphy, M. Kovacevic, J. Iacobaccio

Out: J. Belo




B: 21. D. Allsop, 22. J. Batchelor, 35. J. Bateman

HB: 6. L. Williams, 30. K. Gray, 46. L. Young

C: 8. A.  Ferreira, 5. W.  Fordham, 15. A.  Jarnestrom

HF: 28. L. Gill-Renouf, 27. M. McCarthy, 11. B. Mullane

F: 3. C. Rich, 4. T. Elton, 31. R. Turnbull

R: 1. L. Pierce, 17. A. Harnett, 20. N. Scagliarini

Int: 50. K. Downie, 42. B. Hillard, 34. N. Hura, 41. T. Kelly, 13. J. Lovett, 33. J. McHale, 23. D. Wyatt

23P: 48. A. Paterson


In: J. Batchelor, T. Kelly, R. Turnbull, K. Downie, D. Allsop

Out: J. Pertzel, S. Fowler

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Surely Coburg.. I know the record against Frankston isn't too flash in recent years, but after such a solid showing last week... I reckon they canget over the line in this one.


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  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Coburg 5.7-37 6.7-43 13.11-89 14.11-95
Frankston 0.3-3 3.8-26 3.9-27 6.14-50



Goal Kickers: S. Lowson 2, H. Kerbatieh 2, J. Murphy 2, L. Dickson, J. Weightman, T. Lever, M. Conn, J. Guthrie, N. Mellington, M. Lentini, P. McEvoy
Best Players: B. Allan, P. McEvoy, T. Goodwin, L. Bunker, S. Lowson, H. Kerbatieh


Goal Kickers: W. Fordham, B. Mullane, M. Cox, A. Harnett, J. Pertzel, T. Kelly
Best Players: K. Gray, A. Jarnestrom, L. Pierce, B. Mullane, L. Young, W. Fordham


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What a way to break the drought!


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Great win by Coburg. Completely outclassed a very disappointing Frankston. Never going to lose because of superior work ethic and skill.

Good hope of Coburg getting off the bottom of the ladder and giving Frankston another wooden spoon if they can beat Carlton reserves in round 19. 


Well done Burgers, hopefully they've got one or two more wins left in them for the year - they've got Werribee and the Blues in their final four games. Werribee will be tough but gettable on a good day, the Blues are probably the big opportunity though. Been a little while since they've ruled Bell St, would be a good one to get.

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Thanks Paul, I missed the Werribee game...its at Coburg so def winable, and  good chance of a couple more wins.  Port and Geelong  will be tough, hopefully they can get some confidence up and get on a winning roll.

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Coburg were unlucky against Sandringham and flew home for narrow 10 point loss against the dogs. On the improve and can beat Carlton seconds when they meet.


Congrats to Coburg they wanted it more. 45 point margin flattered the Dolphins

Dolphins did not want to be there. It has been a long first season back and I wonder whether the end of the season could not come quick enough.