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VFL R15 - Sandringham v Geelong


Round 15 – 15/07/2018


Trevor Barker Beach Oval


B: 55. N. Coffield, 61. D. Joyce, 42. B. White

HB: 40. O. Clavarino, 37. H. Goddard, 54. B. Rice

C: 9. M.  Cook, 43. N.  Freeman, 51. D.  Langlands

HF: 64. B. Acres, 23. T. Lamb, 2. K. Answerth

F: 62. R. Connellan, 6. H. Mclean, 17. J. Haidon

R: 69. B. Longer, 5. B. Seccull, 50. B. Paton

Int: 12. B. Bailey, 24. J. Hille, 4. T. Laumets, 13. J. Noone, 65. N. Smith, 15. J. Sziller, 3. L. Verma, 1. D. Weickhardt

23P: 14. K. Nissenbaum


In: K. Nissenbaum, T. Laumets, B. Longer, J. Sziller, D. Joyce, B. Rice, B. Bailey, N. Smith, L. Verma

Out: J. Lonie,  B. Miller,  T. Hickey,  K. Parsons,  R. Marshall




B: 18. C. Constable, 30. T. House, 39. Z. Guthrie

HB: 42. M. O’Connor, 25. L. Henderson, 40. J. Thurlow

C: 31. J.  Cunico, 5. N.  Cockatoo, 21. J.  Murdoch

HF: 28. C. Gregson, 36. S. Crameri, 34. J. Parsons

F: 45. R. Abbott, 20. R. Gardner, 6. L. McCarthy

R: 9. Z. Smith, 64. T. Atkins, 33. G. Horlin-Smith

Int: 60. J. Blood, 63. S. Dobson, 62. C. Floyd, 66. A. Grace, 15. M. Hayball, 53. J. Keras, 55. L. Kiel, 65. S. McLachlan, 78. J. McLachlan, 32. G. Miers, 75. C. Mitchell, 51. J. Tsitas

23P: 58. C. McCarthy


In: L. McCarthy, S. McLachlan, J. Cunico, R. Abbott, C. McCarthy, J. Murdoch, J. Blood, C. Mitchell, A. Grace, J. McLachlan, N. Cockatoo, S. Dobson

Out: D. Menzel, W. Buzza, M. Diamond, S. Simpson

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Have the flu; too crook to go. Missed a loss.


Looks like the Zebras could end up with 3 losses at home in row staritng with the Geelong loss today and Richmond and Hawthorn Seconds after that.Port seem to be struggling as well maybe Willy will be the only ex VFA standalone team in the finals.

Six of the top eight teams are basiclly AFL seconds teams and if Footscray were to oust Port it would be 7 out of 8

The AFL must be rapt with Werribe,Frankston and Coburg struggling to compete.


Werribee have beaten Essendon, Willi and the Hawks, and lost narrowly to Casey, Footscray and Geelong twice. I would hardly say they're struggling to compete against some of the best teams in the comp.

With games to come against the Blues, Coburg and Nth Melbourne they could well end up with six or seven wins, that would be a  pretty solid return season as a stand alone club, especially considering they play Frankston, Coburg and the Blues only once.

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Werribee have done extremely well and been very competitive in all games with exception of a bad home loss to Port. Geelong have been in trerrific form of late and Werribee were not far away recently. Werribee can finish off with a few more wins and a great platform to build on for next year. 


What Im saying is it dosent relly matter where you finish Clubs aim for the finals and flag and it dosent look like many ex VFA stand alone teams will make it no matter how many games they win.This is the future of the so called VFL and people better get used to it.


Given the past few years have been the most successful of any period for stand alone teams, I'm not on the doomsday bandwagon. 

AFL Vic want to make it much harder by getting rid of the VFL reserves and reducing the salary cap, but good stand alone clubs will find a way.


'AFL Vic want to make it much harder by getting rid of the VFL reserves and reducing the salary cap, but good stand alone clubs will find a way'"

 There is your clue.The AFL will slowing crunch the ex VFA standalone clubs into extincion by changing the rules to make it harder to compete.I believe that with in ten years none will be in the AFL reserves/VFL comp.

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I wouldn't count Williamstown out from winning again this year. Not at all. Can sneak into top four which would increase chances tenfold. Port were terrible at Box Hill but will still be good enough to make the eight.; Werribee have done well and will be even better next season. I am with you Paul not all doom and gloom. Not having VFL reserves has made it much tougher that's for sure. Richmond are still clearly the side to beat with Casey the obvious challenger. These teams chances depend on whats happening with their AFL teams.

Williamstown will need to beat Footscray to enhance top four chances as well as helping the borough keep the dogs at bay and getting a game clear of the dogs. That is providing Port can beat Coburg.



Heres a point Gelong seconds against Sandringham had at least 8 AFL ready players that would walk into any team in the bottom half of the AFL and many of the other AFL reservers side like Richmond have the same type of players running around in the twos.


When the VFA was at its peak these were the type of players the VFA clube were able to recruit.Another problem for the standalone VFL clubs is the talent drain the 18 team AFL comp is causing. 

No standalone club will be able to afford to recruit that type of player in the future


Since the AFL started their expansion in 2011 stand alone teams have won three flags and played in eight prelims.