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I hope they enjoyed it as it wont happen in the future.The AFL have made sure the standalone clubs will struggle with their restrictions dont forget even Port with the pokies money nearly went broke last year and dont seemed to have recruited any top players thus year.

Williamstown are the standout and I put that down to Collins coaching and recruiting and having the money to pay reasonable VFL standard players.

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You are a bit of a glass half empty guy when it comes to the VFA /VFL Billy!

I'm with Paul and George. The standalone clubs have been well represented in finals and premiership success.. Regardless of whether standalone clubs are well represented this year, I don't think you can write them off just yet..

I think Coburg had struggled but Werribee and Frankston have done a great job. It's not about instant success and if you told me that Frankston could be competitive after putting an entire playing list together in one year from scratch, I would have thought you were crazy. 



Port ran an outstanding marketing campaign last year, but they certainly didn't go close to going broke. Most of their publicised 'loss' was depreciation of an asset. They spent to the fullest last year and achieved the ultimate VFL success while also getting a major boost to membership numbers that will assist them well into the future in managed right. Just an outstanding year all-around for the club.

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Saade ghazi once quoted no vfl standalone side will ever win the vfl flag. Well port Melbourne has won twice and Williamstown once in recent years. Not too bad. Maybe not this year. Then again the seagulls i would not count them out of the race just yet especially if  they sneak into top four.  Werribee i give them a big tick this year and they will improve further next year. Dolphins win was getting back into comp. It's a start. Coburg will win a few more before seasons end. Port will be in finals and at north port oval always a chance. Not all doom and gloom for old vfa clubs.


Just a realist North Port, wether we like it or not the VFL is run by the AFL 100% for the benefit of the 10 AFL clubs that are either an AFL reserves team and the aligned clubs that are also AFL reserves teams in all but name.

The AFL dont care if the ex VFA teams survive as they dont bring any benefit to the AFL clubs.They may in the long term keep Port and Willy as they are well run and were the two most successful VFA clubs in its history and not broke but the others including Sandringahm will eventually go by the wayside.

If the AFL was worried about ex VFA clubs they would have kept Nth Ballarat in the comp but their agenda was all about getting Footsctay to the Northern Oval not saving a great and successful club like the Roosters.Dont forget Tassie will have a side in the VFL in a couple of years and they will need players which will drain the talent pool even more.As it is most non AFL reserves teams cant even compete with the stronger local teams for decent ex AFL players esp the ones with pokie money.Thems the facts mam.

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Billy if your conspiracy theory is right, why would they readmit Frankston? If they wanted them gone they had their chance....



Sorry Paul I don’t think poaching mercenaries for 1 year of success is a good way to run a football club. It’s been sending clubs broke for years at all levels of footy


By my count, Port has made the finals 10 of the past 11 years, played in 6 prelims, 4 grand finals and won 2 flags in that time. How is that "poaching mercenaries for 1 year of success"?

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Fair point there Paul!  Also KH comment regarding readmission of Frankston hold true as well.