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VFL R15 - Northern Blues v Williamstown


Round 15 – 15/07/2018



Northern Blues

B: 7. M. Blakey, 13. C. O’Shea, 44. C. Byrne

HB: 29. J. Hill, 35. M. Stavrou, 51. A. Mullett

C: 24. F.  Pearce, 1. T.  Wilson, 57. E.  Penrith

HF: 14. J. Lynch, 30. P. Kerr, 3. J. Palmer

F: 10. J. Johnston, 15. L. Casboult, 22. C. McCabe

R: 36. M. Lobbe, 9. S. Fisher, 32. N. Graham

Int: 11. A. Federico, 38. K. LeBois, 12. B. Myers, 49. A. Schumacher, 16. J. Velissaris

23P: 58. J. Naylor




B: 18. J. Greiser, 17. J. Charleston, 21. J. Tippett

HB: 29. L. Bramble, 40. L. Buckwell, 31. B. Monk

C: 11. J.  Dorgan, 16. B.  Bewley, 4. B.  Jolley

HF: 19. D. Kempster, 5. L. Schultz, 7. N. Rodda

F: 3. S. Dunell, 10. L. Masters, 22. J. Pickess

R: 49. N. Meese, 6. M. Gibbons, 2. B. Cavarra

Int: 33. L. Carter, 8. P. Faulks, 12. L. George, 9. A. Marcon, 35. B. Myers, 20. M. Norton, 1. J. Pongracic, 13. T. Schnerring

23P: 30. F. Carroll


In: T. Schnerring, D. Kempster, L. Bramble, M. Norton, F. Carroll, P. Faulks, L. Carter

Out: J. Jones, N. Ebinger, T. Young

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Live steam of todays game from Carlton:




Wally from Will...
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We got the four points but not much else out of today's game, Nick Rodda's 5 goals was welcome but Jack Dorgan may have done a knee (again) late in the last quarter


Hope Dorgan's ok Wal,deserves a break after 3 knee recos,not good news for Nick Meese,suspended for 3 plus a bye thrown in as well.

Wally from Will...
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No news yet on Jack, CGull, but he was very upset & threw away his mouthguard so it didn't look good, but he did manage to hobble off so it may not be season-ending, as for Meesey i didn't even know he had been reported but he clocked Lobbe allegedly and now has a month off, not great news but we did manage to beat Richmond without him so it may just make us a bit more unpredictable.