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Sandringham V Richmond R16

The Tigers mauled the Zebra at TBO today Sandy 9.13.67 to Richmond 20.13.133. The Tigers got off to a good start in 1st Q kicking 9.5.59 to a scoreless Sandy; Richmond made good use of the wind that favoured the Sautner end goal.. In Q2 Sandy had the wind but only managed 2.2.14

Sandringham Q1- 0.0.0 Q2- 2.2.14, Q3- 4.5.29 Q4- 9.13.67

Richmond Q1- 9.5. 59 Q2- 10.8.68 Q3- 18.12 120 Q4- 20.13 133

Both teams started the game wearing yellow and black jumpers. The Sandy hierarchy must have thought, judging by the number of their soft turnovers, Sandy could not tell the difference between the teams so Sandy's white away strip was brought out to the 1st Q huddle, the players changed jumpers; it did not make a great deal of difference

I have never seen a mid-game jumper change before

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It seems bizarre that the home team decides to change their jumper!  I understand it was the Sandy president or CEO that decided something needed to be done.

Richmond..They look short odds to make another VFL Grand Final.



Yep you would thik who ever beats Richmond will win the Flag this year.Next best looks to be Casey/Melbourne seconds.Might be an all AFL seconds GF coming up.

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The updated odds for the flag should be out later this morning. Richmond should be $1.80. Casey $5 geelong $7 and Williamstown  $16. No other teams can win. Although box hill or collingwood could sneak into 4th spot depending on their afl teams, injuries and players available. Hoping seagulls can get into top 4. Agree with billy Richmond v casey looks likely for gf with tigers odds on. Would not surprise if it is a Richmond v geelong and willy v casey preliminary finals. Port will sneak into eight and win at least one final.

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Current odds are Richmond  $2.25 casey $4.50 geelong $5 Collingwood  $11 box hill $11 Williamstown  $15. Odds almost right except  i would have richmond around $1.70 and others a bit longer. Casey $5 geelong $8 Collingwood $12 box hill $14 Williamstown $18. Any thoughts on the odds ?