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VFL R16 - Frankston v North Melbourne
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Frankston 1.4-10 3.4-22 8.6-54 8.7-55
North Melbourne 5.2-32 11.9-75 13.11-89 16.17-113



Goal Kickers: T. Elton 3, C. Rich 2, A. Wilson, N. Hura, L. Pierce
Best Players: A. Ferreira, A. Jarnestrom, L. Young, L. Pierce, L. Gill-Renouf, T. Elton


Goal Kickers: S. Stroobants 3, L. Mirams 3, G. Narrier 2, N. Hogan 2, T. Leonardis, N. Larkey, N. Holmes, M. Northe, W. Walker, B. Preuss
Best Players: D. Nielson, M. Hibberd, C. Jansen, B. McKay, W. Walker, T. Leonardis

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North too big and too good for the Dolphins. Another 10 goal hiding despite a reasonable 3rd quarter. North pretty ordinary and nowhere near the top teams.

Would expect a major cull of this years list at season end by Frankston. Quite a few not good enough and plenty that are good enough are bludging.. God knows where they would be without Lewis Pierce..