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R18 - Port Melbourne v Essendon


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port Melbourne 3.2-20 7.4-46 11.7-73 12.10-82
Essendon 5.2-32 5.5-35 8.7-55 11.11-77

Port Melbourne

Goal Kickers:G. Dickson 2, D. Conway 2, B. Pearson, A. Anastasio, R. Nahas, J. Lisle, M. Rivett, K. Haretuku, M. Wooffindin, T. O''Sullivan
Best Players:E. Templeton, M. Rivett, L. Cook, C. Walker, R. Pendlebury, M. Wooffindin


Goal Kickers:D. Younan 3, J. Green 2, A. Boyse, J. Houlahan, T. Mynott, S. Draper, J. Merrett, J. Laverde
Best Players:J. Laverde, A. Heppell, D. Clarke, D. Younan, J. Green, N. Hind

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A pretty good game down at Port that could have sound up as a draw. I'll post up a bit about the game when I get to sit down in front of the computer. But I will say that Mascitti's return was outstanding.. Almost like he hadn't missed a game, fair effort coming into the side for his first game at round 18.

I think Port Melbourne have a lot of improvement to go and Waddell was anorher welcome return. 


Hopefully Anastasio'hamstring injury is nothing too serious..we can't afford to lose another quality player with season endibg injuries to Isaac Conway and Ash Krakouer


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Port a bit lucky? Essendon two men down from the start because of the late changes to their senior team. Essendon player hit the post from close range near the end of the game...


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