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VFL Round 19 -no footy record

This weekend AFL Victoria are trialing doing the record electronically.


so there will be no records sold at the grounds this weekend


Just another kick in the guts for VFL footy !!!

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I might get a print out and use it as toilet paper. Ridiculous idea. That is what the modern society is like. You walk down the street in the CBD area in Melbourne and 95 % of people walking like zombies have their noses stuffed in their ipads and mobiles. The train is worse make that 98%. The kids when I weas growing up after school were either playing footy in footy season and cricket in cricket season. These days they are stuck on mobiles, faebook etc. Very sad.

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Bloody joke!  Bean counting!...Mr Raper continues to cut the VFL back to the bone and discourage people from going to the games.. No DL, reduced salary cap, no Record...theres not much left now.

Any betting on a rise in admission prices?

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Things look GRIM with Mr Reaper.Spot on Bearsman. What is next from Mr GRIM ? Maybe if you want to have a beer at VFL games Mr GRIM will force clubs to have a cashless stadium with credit cards only via your mobile or ipad. If you want a drink or food that will be the only way. Nothing surprises me from REAPER.


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Don't care.. It has been  crap publication for several years.  Quite often the players were wearing different numbers from those listed or were not listed. Print size on team list too small. Full of competitions I don't follow.


Might save me $3 but another blight on our competition.  And will the electronic version have the right names for the players actually playing?!!  This season the Record has been a disaster - too many competitions (poorly) covered.  Too little real information about the VFL and a sight test for optometrists!!!  

There are so many complaints around the VFL - and so little is being done to encourage the stand-alone teams - especially that wonderful decision to abandon the Development League!!!  I love the standard of the VFL football but it does seem to be more business and less emotion!!

I am rapt to know there are others on here who still feel the passion!!!  But when you go to games there are so few spectators and that connection is being lost........ I grieve for our future guys!!!


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You are absolutely correct VFA. Technology is having too much of a hold on youngsters and probably alot of oldies as well. Whenever I leave home in the morning and look at the bus stop I see a group of people all in their own world, nobody talking to one another with all of them on their phone. At the end of so many indoor soccer games I see players go to the bench, have a drink of water and get on their phone. Its a world gone crazy.


I agree with the other posters, too much non VFL information and the VFL information is too limited. I'd like to see clubs do their own match day programs. Presidents message, stats, line ups, club news, advertisments from our sponsors, promotion of functions etc etc

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Only one third of footy record is relevant. Agree hundred percent blacrocker and mega. Tac cup and vfl women's league has very little interest. naybe add Club news, reunions, segment similar to marc fiddian looking back. Some positive with phones you are pretty much upto date with live scores. However todays kids are ruled by Mobile phones and ipads which is pretty sad. I for one will not be printing out 40 pages or will i check players numbers via mobile. No chance whatsoever.

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Love to see these clowns do something positive to promote the League instead of take, take take to balance the books. They seem content to let the competition wither away to a shadow....

Apart from having a game on TV once a week, I hear nothing of the VFL. They completely f****d up the State games and now the VFL have no presence there.. another chance at promotion gone.  Surely they have some marketers in the AFL that could come up with a few ideas to get some extra people through the gate instead of rubbish like taking the Record away? Organise AFL players to have a kick with the kids at half time. Target the kids who bring the something..anything...

Maybe Seagull90 is right. There might be no future for the VFL .... Fait accompli?  Probably. The way it is now its dying a slow painful death.