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So it's a fail for me. How do you actually record your scores or notes? Also the printable version links don't work. It doesn't seem like a great game day experience! 


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I posted this on a Facebook thread but thought I'd copy and paste it into this thread... 


Not a fan of the digital edition.. Much prefer a printed copy. However :


1. Increase the font size! My eyes aren't that bad but to read while standing or sitting at the footy it should be a larger text.


2. Increase the contrast. It's dark grey text on light grey paper. Black and white please. 


3. The footy record is trying to cover far too many competitions. There is very little of interest to me as a VFA /VFL supporter. 


I'd like news on our clubs, the competition, the history and the future. Eg. How about relpribting extracts from Marc Fiddian or Paul Amy's books, or even newspaper articles about classic VFA games or Finals? What's happening with North Ballarat (and Bendigo for that matter). What's the longer and short term goals for building the competition. How are clubs going without a development league. There is so much that could be of interest to me in the record but isn't. 


The intro each week sounds like it's been spat out by a robot. It's so generic. How about the send off rule and its impact in the last 30 years? 


Anyway... That's my two cents.