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VFL R20 - Williamstown v Port Melbourne


Quarter Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Williamstown 5.2-32 6.3-39 9.14-68 10.14-74
Port Melbourne 0.0 4.9-33 4.10-34 7.14-56


Goal Kickers:A. Marcon 3, L. George 2, S. Dunell 2, B. Cavarra, L. Schultz, M. Gibbons
Best Players:A. Marcon, M. Gibbons, L. Schultz, S. Dunell, B. Monk, L. George

Port Melbourne

Goal Kickers:M. Rivett 2, D. Viojo-Rainbow, J. Lisle, T. O''Sullivan, L. Tynan, D. Conway
Best Players:M. Rivett, M. Arnot, D. Van Unen, D. Mascitti, M. Wooffindin, L. Cook

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Wally from Will...
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VFL Round 20 – Williamstown v Port Melbourne: What’s the weather doing? 


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Some great photos amongst those Wally. Thanks for posting the link.