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VFL R21 - Footscray v Port Melbourne * Note early start *


Round 21 – 25/08/2018


Victoria University Whitten Oval



B: 24. S. Biggs, 18. F. Roberts, 2. L. Young

HB: 32. K. Collins, 51. L. Dalgleish, 54. R. William

C: 55. A.  Greenwood, 56. W.  Hayes, 61. L.  Nash

HF: 71. A. Panayi, 73. R. McComb, 53. L. Sullivan

F: 66. A. Monfries, 57. L. Smith, 28. C. Porter

R: 44. T. English, 40. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 22. M. Honeychurch

Int: 75. N. Answerth , 65. N. Hamad, 70. C. Henness, 74. A. Hodge, 62. B. Olsson, 63. T. Short, 68. D. Symeopoulos, 58. E. Wales

23P: 76. J. Smith


In: S. Biggs, A. Hodge, L. Smith, E. Wales, A. Greenwood, N. Hamad, C. Porter, N. Answerth , T. Short

Out: T. Campbell,  R. Smith,  A. Tashevski-Beckwith,  J. Shea,  J. Prudden



Port Melbourne

B: 27. D. Mascitti, 21. L. Cook, 3. L. Tynan

HB: 37. H. Hooper, 30. E. Phillips, 8. D. Van Unen

C: 5. S.  Lange, 1. M.  Rivett, 18. M.  Wooffindin

HF: 10. M. Arnot, 36. L. Waddell, 28. R. Nahas

F: 19. A. Anastasio, 6. J. Lisle, 32. B. Pearson

R: 2. K. Haretuku, 4. T. O’Sullivan, 35. E. Templeton

Int: 20. G. Dickson, 25. T. Hobbs, 34. H. Johnson, 12. B. Lloyd, 38. S. Michael, 17. J. O’Brien, 9. T. O’Sullivan, 29. C. Walker

23P: 13. M. King


In: J. O’Brien, R. Nahas, L. Waddell, H. Johnson, H. Hooper, M. King, A. Anastasio, S. Michael

Out: D. Viojo-Rainbow, D. Beddison, C. Searle, D. Conway

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This will probably be close to Ports week 1 finals side (assuming we get over the line this week).. Excluding the injured Nahas.

Big returns in Anastasio and Harvey Hooper straight back into the starting 18. The interchange from are an even mix so it will come down to match-ups on Saturday morning. 


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A pretty good win in the end .I'll post up thoughts and the odd photo tomorrow.

We now play Box Hill on Sunday. 

We have been slow starters in games this season but we looked switched on early and sharper than in recent weeks. 



Impressive win, things coming together a bit for finals but Box Hill are also finding some form. They've had the run of this rivalry a bit in recent times, would be a good day for the Borough to turn the tables.

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Couple of photos:


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 Teams Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Footscray 2.2-14 5.5-35 9.7-61 11.10-76
Port Melbourne 5.5-35 8.7-55 12.10-82 15.12-102


Goal Kickers:T. English 2, A. Panayi 2, T. Short 2, L. Young, R. William, L. Sullivan, A. Monfries, L. Smith
Best Players:M. Honeychurch, T. English, T. Short, C. Henness, S. Biggs, F. Roberts

Port Melbourne

Goal Kickers:J. O''Brien 3, G. Dickson 2, T. O''Sullivan 2, A. Anastasio 2, C. Walker 2, T. O''Sullivan, E. Templeton, L. Waddell, M. Wooffindin
Best Players:L. Cook, E. Templeton, M. Rivett, S. Lange, M. King, M. Wooffindin


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Mitch Honeychurch such a good player at VFL level. I'm not sure if he's in contract for 2019 but if not and gets de-listed would be highly sought after.

It was late in the game when Tim English kicked two goals in the space of about a minute and gave the Dogs a bit of a sniff. 

For Port, Mack Rivett . Bloody good and is one of the key possession getters for the Borough. 

I'm really excited about Sundays game. The forecast is partly cloudy and 13 degrees. Hopefully it improves and we get a bumper crowd with the AFL bye.

I'm not sure if Nahas comes straight back in. Selection dilemma for Ayres that's for sure..



Are you happy with the venue NorthPort ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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I don't think you need me to answer that Digs.



I reckon I can guess !!

Are yourself & Mega the only two still alive down there ???

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green