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Elimination Final Richmond v Essendon

Half time 

Richmond 4-3  27

Essendon  5-4  34

Conditions seem perfect - ground may be a little slippery, but this easily the worst standard of football Ive seen in a game all year. Clangers  clearly the leading statistics. Never seen a game anywhere with as many errors.

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Full Time

Richmond 9-10  64
Essendon 10-9  69

Bombers too good in an entertaining second half.

All 3 umpires booked in at OPSM Monday morning.


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A hell of a game in front of a healthy crowd.

I don't know why but found myself barracking for Essendon so quite enjoyed the final minute of play. 

Essendon suppirters might be scarce during the home and away season, but I do like that they turn up to finals in numbers and actually have a bit of crowd involvement.