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We have been hearing these sorts of alarmist comments for years - however every year a stand alone ex vfa club does well. Williamstown has played in 8 prelims in a row, Port won it last year, Willy a coupla years before that yet people for years have been saying its too hard and it can't be done. Sheesh even way back to around 2006 Ghazi said no stand alone side will ever win a premiership, how wrong he was.

Port won it one year without losing a game, and this year Port wasn't far off the mark .Had they held off for another two seconds I think they had the side to beat anybody in the finals.

The VFL will not be a AFL reserves with only Port and Willy (at least not for a while yet) as AFL Vic has approved a Tasmanian side to come into the comp.You can also ad to that a potential Ballarat side.

Stand alone clubs have seen their fair share of success (albeit only the big two) - i'm not sure what it will take for people to have belief that stand alone sides can and will be successfull. Its not as if the bottom 5 consists of 5 stand alone sides. If all 5 stand alones did actually go bad for several seasons then I would see legitimacy in those kinds of comments.

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wondering how much the injury to Marcon cost Willy...Cavarra played up the ground more as a result and wasnt there to crumb around goals. Shultz had a quiet day and a few goals from either of these two would have made the difference.

Box Hills marking inside 50 was outstanding and they looked much more dangerous than Willy when going into attack. Similar to the game against Port, they missed several easy goals in the last quarter and missed their chance to put Willy away.

Looks a very even GF, early betting with Beteasy is Casey 1.85 - Box Hill 1.95.

In the immortal words of The Third Man - its harder to pick than a broken nose.....

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Casey will win regardless of whether Melbourne beats west coast or not. Box hill no more get out of jail cards. Very strong marking side box hill but casey has lots of pace and run and Pedersen if on song up forward can turn the game. Casey to win by 6 goals or more.

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Box Hill will have a stronger team now that Hawthorn are out...Mirra, Duryea, Nash to come back, and maybe even Shoenmakers? 

If vfa is tipping Casey Im happy to back Box Hill lol

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I backed a multi and if Richmond storm and willy all won the flag it would have been a very good collect. Not to be however I did have a saver on casey with Richmond and storm to win and the collect is still decent enough to be cheering casey. Cant have box hill and hope they get flogged. Footy can be hard to predict look at ringwood in efl unbeaten all season and lost to boronia in gf by 16 points. Only loss is a gf. That would sting big time. 

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If the unthinkable happens and Richmond lose to collingwood on Friday i will be a shattered man. Richmond is in my blood and the likes of collingwood and carlton you are born to hate. Was guttered yesterday when the seagulls lost by a point. That is footy and you take the good with the bad. The highs and lows !!!


Port and Willy have the MONEY to survive!The rest of the ex VFA sides will struggle including my team Sandringham They just dont have the money or the facilities to compete.Hvae you seen what St Kilda have conned out of Kingston Council and the State government? Way better than anythng the stanalone clubs VFL have.

The other big problem for the standalone clubs is the next best players from the AFL go to local clubs also for the MONEY, As they say money talks and bullshit walks and so it is with footy in all grades You can keep your rose coloured glasses on being a Port supporter but if you didnt have the pokies backup you would be in the same boat as the others apart from Williamstown and I dont see AFL Victoria bailing out any clubs that get into trouble.The Tasmanian will be a problem as the AFL will do all in their power to make them successful.


"Harder to pick than a broken nose",love the quote Bearsman but i can't recall Joseph Cotton trotting that one out,you don't mean the Twelth Man by any chance???

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lol...Correct memory is not as young as it used to be and gets a bit confused at times....

It was indeeed the Twelfth Man aka Billy Birmingham