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83% (5 votes)
Box Hill
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6


Williamston can advance to the gf. 

I hope so

Willy  playing great footy and will be too strong.

Any odds for both of the games ?

Casey $1.65,Essendon $2.25,Willy $1.49,Box Hill $2.64,about right although i thought Casey might have been a bit shorter.

Showers, windy, chance of hail, snow down to 500m on Sunday - sounds like good conditions for Seagulls, the Hawks are mighty dangerous on a dry day.

I wonder what impact Hawthorn being knocked out of finals will have.

It will halve the crowd I would have thought.


Weather will definitely suit Williamstown on sunday also hawthorn getting knocked out most likely have an impact.