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Mega i know where you will be on Sunday and it won't be at docklands. Good luck with the bergers. I'll catch you at bentleigh on Wednesday for a few ales. My long weekend starts tomorrow at the mcg go RICHMOND ! Saturday will watch Vermont v south Croydon  and Sunday i will be at docklands barracking against box hill. I hope casey win and win easy. How dare box hill knock out both vfa teams in port and willy. No tears shed by all fans of both port and willy if box hill lose in gf. If casey leads by 3 or 4 goals at half time they will run away with it. Will box hill finally run out of legs ? The willy game was a very hard game and surely it must have taken its toll. If box hill somehow win then they are a super team and good luck to them. I notice on tab betting casey has firmed and are warm favorites.


I didnt vote because I dont care who wins and wont be watching the match Got better things to do than waste time watching AFL reserves.

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Box Hill into $1.85 with Casey out to $1.95. Is Ben McEvoy playing ??? LOL, or are all the Casey players on one leg. That is a huge betting drift. Wonder why such the big swing. Fritsch has been dropped from Melbourne and you would say that should be a massive plus for Casey. 

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Maybe they heard that the Kiss of Death has tipped Casey? lol


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I was just thinking that Bearsman. Reckon I would jinx WINX !!! 

How is this for an omen Richmond and Storm to win tonight into Fighting Fury Race 1 Caulfield tomorrow and Race 5 Midnight Storm at Morphetville.

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Sunday 23rd September 2018

Peter Jackson VFL Grand Final


Etihad Stadium


Casey Demons

B: 6. J. Munro, 45. D. Keilty, 42. J. Wagner

HB: 29. J. Hunt, 55. H. Petty, 63. B. Vince

C: 31. B.  Fritsch, 18. J.  Lockhart, 9. M.  Gent

HF: 33. J. Kennedy-Harris, 38. T. Smith, 40. P. McKenna

F: 36. J. Garlett, 1. J. Hutchins, 24. C. MacHaya

R: 21. C. Pedersen, 12. T. Bugg, 13. C. Wagner

Int: 32. J. Briggs, 23. W. Collis, 41. M. Lefau, 22. G. Lok, 35. A. Quigley, 27. A. Scott, 49. C. Stockdale, 2. M. White

23P: 67. T. Freeman


In: G. Lok, P. McKenna, J. Briggs, A. Scott, B. Fritsch, A. Quigley

Out: D. Johnstone,  J. Smith



Box Hill Hawks

B: 42. T. Miles, 59. K. Brand, 32. D. Mirra

HB: 44. C. Glass, 61. T. O’Brien, 43. C. Jiath

C: 52. J.  O’Rourke, 60. K.  Lovell, 50. D.  Willsmore

HF: 37. J. Ross, 45. C. Nash, 51. B. Whitecross

F: 41. O. Hanrahan, 39. M. Lewis, 36. D. Moore

R: 56. M. Pittonet, 38. J. Worpel, 46. J. Cousins

Int: 7. A. Brolic, 10. W. Hams, 12. C. Jones, 11. B. Kilpatrick, 20. M. Knoll, 14. N. Lane, 2. A. Moore, 4. M. O’Donnell

23P: 17. T. Maloney


In: M. Knoll, D. Mirra, C. Nash, J. Worpel


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Well season 2018 is done and dusted with the two aligned sides in the GF putting on a game that didn't reach any great heights, except for a couple of good grabs.

The official crowd of 12,000 seemed like another stretch by the powers that be. I'm assuming that it was a combined crowd tally for the two games, with Hawthorn also winning the VFL GF.

It has been said year after year, but I'll say it again. I think Etihad (especially with the roof closed) is the wrong venue. 

What a shame that Willy or Port couldn't have won through to get some really passionate supporters through the gate. 


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Congratulations Box Hill. I have to admit that it was well deserved premiership after fighting hard to get over the line throughout September. They certainly did it the hard way. 


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North Port and I were surrounded by mainly Box Hill/ Hawthorn supporters, most of whom showed little or no passion for the majority of the game. Didn't feel much like a grand final!



Ended up watching the last quarter and at least it was close and exciting even if the football standard was crap displaying all the bad elements the AFL are trying to get rid of next year.

The Hawks looked have the vast majority of supporters going on crowd noise and that was to be expected as Casey/Springvale have never been well supported VFA or VFL.