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Sandy to go it alone 2020?

This could be a clue to what happening at Sandringham coach Hamill signed by St Klida for two years but only coaching the Zebras for one year.


Head Coach Hamill is Back


The Sandringham Football Club is thrilled to announce that Aaron Hamill will continue on as Senior Coach at the Zebras for season 2019.


The St Kilda Football Club has locked away Hamill for the next two years, meaning that he will remain at the helm for the Sandringham boys next year.

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I can't help thinking it is St K initiated plot.

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I hope sandy will be stand alone. Once they will be stand alone they will be far better off. They got between now and end of 2019 to start planning for 2020. Reckon they would be already quietly doing some planning now (i hope they are).