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Columnists View Of VFL

Offsider cokmnist Richard Hinds says-

"Brody Mihocek was plucked from the VFL scrapheap"


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If you asked him who are the seagulls or the borough he would not know. If you asked him who was jack mihocek he would not know. Was kane lambert also picked up on the vfl scrap heap ? Is every player recruited from vfl recruited from the scrapheap ? Hinds has no idea 


Hinds is a typical knowall ABC puffed up ponce that wouldnt know a VFL player if he fell over one!

He adds nothing to the ABC Insiders program which in my opinion has gone downhill since Gerad Whately left to join SEN

It used to be a much watch but not anymore.


Billy we sing from the same song book.

Offsiders has become far to sexist & whilst I dont mind Kelly Underwood she continues to push the female agenda way over what is necessesary I for one don't want it rammed down my throat..

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green