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Fox Footy - Best Games Ever...

Watching a replay of an AFL game from rd 16 2001, Nth Melb v Essendon. I'd forgotten how good footy was in this era.This is just sensational to watch...

Anyone needing reminding of how good it was then and how far down the toilet the game has gone, should tune in and watch some of these games. 

Hope there is plenty more of these games coming up....


Wally from Will...
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Is that the game where Barry Young was getting in Wayne Carey's face at every opportunity & then Carey responded by kicking a boomerang goal from the boundary?

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No different game. Neither of those guys played in this one. I remeber that game though it was a ripper too...I met Barry Young a couple of times. Lovely bloke, nothing like what you saw on the footy field...

North kicked 12.1 in the first quarter but Essendon steamed home to win. Just great to watch, long kicking, one on one contests, high marking, no ridiculous free kicks. Totally different game then. I could go on...


Great game, it was the best of that year and one of the most entertaining in memory. But I think the best game of any year is going to look great, just as the worst games are terrible!

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Its good the watch a quality game without all the tiggy touchwood free kicks being paid, without the umpires whistle going at almost every contest, and best of all, no Bruce and BT calling the game! So what if a player goes within 10 metres of the mark, so what if it goes out of bounds intentionally, so what if a hand touches an arm in a marking contest, so f*****g what if a third man goes up.....

I enjoyed focusing solely on the footy in this game, the skills, the long kicks, the marking contests,  distractions, just pure good footy. Love it! 

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Rd 6 1993  Essendon 23 18 156 v Geelong 19 18 132

Fantastic high scoring game - G Ablett kicked 14 on a very young J Hird. 42 goals kicked in a match...wont see that these days.