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Tasmania Devils

It appears that no Tasmanian team will be represented in the competition next year. It looks like the roadmap for Tasmania entering the VFL and then into the AFL has taken a detour.

Wally from Will...
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They had a 'provisional' licence (whatever that means) to play in the VFL in 2021 so something has happened, looks more likely to be 2022 according to Wikipedia. Interestingly, the AFL 'owns' the Tassie Devils FC


Provisional means "arranged or existing for the present, possibly to be changed later"

Due to COVID, Tasmania's entry into the VFL has been delayed. I am sure they'll look into in within the next few years but are just focusing on getting the VFL/NEAFL merger sorted first. I think the VFL/East Coast league will no longer be run by AFL Victoria with the AFL taking over control like they did with the Nab League.