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I have a question for everyone, but in particular for the Port Melbourne supporters on this site. During the ABC TV half-time VFL interview on Saturday, when Phil Cleary interviewed Port coach Saade Ghazi, Ghazi categorically stated that while Port remain a stand-alone club, they cannot win a premiership. He said for Port to have any chance, they would need at least a partial alignment, similar to what North Ballarat and Tasmania currently have with the Kangaroos. Are Port fans disappointed with Saade's comments? I would have thought that, no matter how much evidence you have supporting that theory, and no matter how much you truly believe it to be so deep down, a head coach should always publicly say they believe they can win the premiership, no matter if you are coach of Dimboola thirds or West Coast Eagles. It's about instilling confidence in the supporters that you are the right person to lead your club in the future. It's about traditional leadership. What Saade did on Saturday would be sort of akin to George W. Bush coming out after September 11 and telling the world he lay awake at night hell-scared of what was going to happen to America next, and if he had of done so, it would have probably caused fear and pandemonium among the whole nation. I know that's an extreme example, but I hope people will get the gist. Just on alignments and the like, do Port fans believe entering into an alignment again would be beneficial? Full or partial alignment? If so, with which club? Do you think Port should take over Tasmania as the second club aligned with the 'Roos, should the Devils opt to go to the SANFL? I look forward to hearing everyone's views, particularly the Port fans on this website.
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Yes, disappointed. I guess Saade would like to have had another shot at that question. Never is a long time in footy, even a couple of years! Who knows, with the addition of three or four quality players, they may not be far off the mark. Anyway, performances such as last Sunday's, with everyone giving 110% will do me! A real old style Port effort, full of guts & determination. Alignments? Never ever with North Melbourne again! The alignment with Sydney was successful. No reason why it could not work again, given that Paul Roos and the administration are still there . Sydney surely can't be happy with standard of football in the Sydney League. I hear that their opposition are sometimes allowed to field additional players to compete, and that on occasions Sydney have lent players to the opposition! The only reason the alignment was terminated was the cost of travel. That may not be such a problem now. A partial alignment could be a goer.


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I think Ghazi is just stating the obvious and I commend him on that...the truth can hurt a bit but it's better that he at least tells the truth rather than pull the wool over the Port supporters eyes and say that a premiership is on the cards... I can't see a non aligned club winning a premiership at any would need miraculous circumstances for it to occur...even with the money Port Melbourne are throwing around, it isn't going to win a flag...

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

So you've got a coach who doesn't think he can win a premiership? And he thinks this because he has a side that he doesn't think is good enough? Why has he taken the job in the first place then? He's just confirmed what i have suspected for a few weeks now. He's not there to win, he's there to earn his pay and go home (perhaps not that literal). There's being honest, and then there's giving an excuse for losing. Do the players now understand that they're there to make up numbers? If they lose, that's ok, they were never going to win a flag anyway. So player X do you want to come to Port? The coach doesn't think we can win a flag, but you'll sure have a good time and an a reason when people who follow Port with any sort of passion start to get a bit angry with the lack of success. Sounds like Ghazi is starting to feel the heat and trying to deflect blame to me. Piss weak comments. And whether or not he had a chance to answer that questions again, your first response is usually the most correct in that situation, so it's clearly what he feels. Makes my feelings towards him pretty clear too.
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Very poor comment by Ghazi. Does not matter what sport you play in you never ever say a comment like that (can never win a flag). With the right circumstances it could very well happen a vfl strand alone team wins a flag. With the right mix of players, a bit of luck and momentum you never can say it will never ever happen. The best wins you can have in sport are the ones against the odds. Might be time for Ghazi to move on. Troy West could take over. What about a fairytale Kevin Sheedy returns to the comp where he started with Prahran. If only ............... He wouldn't come alone and would recruit with vigour. Odds are a million to one but then again miracles could happen. What impact would a guy like Sheedy have at Port Melbourne ???
Not a good comment by Ghazi at all. I thought port were poor last year as well. there side was not as good but they had no confidence at all. Ghazi used that side as an excuse then and it looks to me as if he wishes to deflect the troubles of this year away with lame excuses. If the heirachy did not feel they could win a premiership by being stand-alone they would not be stand alone. I don't think they would be happy.
P.S... I agree with a lot of things you say SPAZZY...
I did not hear Saade's comments but from what I understand - that is a disgrace. Surely the primary goal of any football club is to win a premiership. In the VFL, surely this goes doubly so for a non-aligned club such as Port Melbourne. If he truly believes this to be the case, then why has he accepted the job? If I were on the Port Melbourne Board, I would be seeking his resignation.
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In any sport you play even against the odds you give it your best shot. You don't go into any game saying we can't win. A club like Port Melbourne steeped in tradition and rich history should not tolerate comments like that. There have been sides in the past that have been head and shoulders above all teams and not lost a game all season but fell over in the game that counts. There is no thing as an absolute certainty. Things can go wrong. Ghazi it is time to go if that is your attitude. How would the players feel with those comments. I was stunned at his comments at half time during Phil Cleary's interview. Bobby Borough, Jason, Onslaught what are your thoughts on this ???
So why did Gerard FitzGerald get the flick after 1 year in charge and a 4 point Grand Final loss?
I don't think Fitzy could work with Sultre. Dont quoe me on this though. the players seemed to love Fitzy though!!! I reckon he and Ghazi had a falling out too!