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The 'Fred Cook' end
I'm just killing time while I wait for a server to reboot, but I'd love to see the two ends of North Port / TEAC Oval named. Can anyone with a better memory than mine tell me at which end of the ground Cook would have kicked most of his goals at?
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Not sure but one end of the ground should be called the Fred Cook end and the other by another Port legend. Also the wings should be called the Gary Brice wing with the other named ?? Food for thought but great idea Onslaught.
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The other end should be called 'The Bob Bonnett end'- our other great goalkicker!


Full backs are never given acknowledgment...
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[quote="SpazzyPC"]Full backs are never given acknowledgment...[/quote] I guess because it's harder to look up statistics on goals 'not kicked' kicked due to a quality Full Back.


How about the BUSTER HARLAND end. One tough nut
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[quote="lum"]The other end should be called 'The Bob Bonnett end'- our other great goalkicker![/quote] I agree with you Lum the other end should be called the Bob Bonnett end as he was our other great full forward and also in the team of the century as well plus also coach of Port Melbourne at one time.I was lucky to see him play in his last two seasons with the club also a true gentleman and champion. Go Borough!