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Port Intraclub Match this Friday
There could be a Port interclub match this Friday at Murphy's Reserve around 5.30 pm. Can't be played at North Port because of the cricket pitch. Not 100% confirmed at this stage but will let you know. :)
I would have my doubts,Boroughborn. I remember when Port Melb CC were in the Subbies their lower elevens played at Murphy Reserve and I'm presuming that would still be the case. North Port would know for sure?
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Welcome to the site BoroughBorn.. Well there is currently a pitch on both grounds at Murphy's.. the Astroturf one, used by PMCC fifths, and the turf wicket (on the Colts ground) used by the thirds and fourths. If the game does go ahead (heard the same thing), I am not sure which ground it will be played on. Both surfaces are f%^king rock hard. I smashed my knee up on the ground in a match back in November.. I would expect a few sore bodies after the game.


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Interclub = against another club, [b]or[/b] intraclub = amongst same club players only?
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I believe Fridays game as an Intra-club game.. Still a week or so away from the first praccy match against Sandy.