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Sandringham Recruitment
Any news if Sandringham has signed any new players for next year?
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Nothing I'm aware of as yet...I guess most clubs are waiting to see who gets drafted and who doesn' doubt there will be the usual influx from the Dragons

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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:D Sandringham's biggest recruit for next season is long time reserves team manager Lloyd Poad. Lloyd was adament he was retireing after the past 11 seasons as ressies team manager at Zerbraland and anyone who knows the work and effort of training nights and match days,preparing the team sheets ,jumpers ,all players gear and many other early game chores eventually takes its toll. So Lloyd decided to hang up his team managers board and only because of the challenge of the new association with St. Kilda and his love of the Sandringham Football Club will fight on for at least another ?? season, Well done Lloyd,we love you at Sandy. Also Respect to all other teams managers and officals as it's not all about just the players who have to have team managers also. go zebs zebra :wink:
Lloyd Poad is an absolute legend. Good on you mate for sticking at it.