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Player list changes for 2009.
Williamstown have already made changes to it's 2009 playing list. Recent signings include: Ben Davies (Kangaroos) Nick Demartino (Western Jets) Jordan Florance (Bendigo Pioneers) - trained with WFC during the 2008 season after moving to Williamstown for work, and then travelled home to play with the Pioneers at TAC level. Finished 6th in the Morrish Medal count. Trent Lee (Werribee Amateurs) - joins WFC after playing a key role in Werribee Amateurs D2 premiership, when he kicked 6 goals in the GF and won the medal for BOG. William Kelly (Heyfield) Departing players include: Steven Greene (Old Melburnians) James Beaumont (Old Melburnians) Nathan Lyons (South Adelaide - SANFL) Kane McKenzie (Maribyrnong Park) Jackson Barling (Maribyrnong Park) Murray Boyd (Maribyrnong Park) Key players to re-sign for 2009 include: Brett Johnson Jason Cloke Ben Jolley Patrick Rose David Stretton Dean Galea Cameron Lockwood Matthew Little Scott Meyer Tom Langlands Luke Cartelli Matthew Cravino Nick Georgiadis Matthew Grossman Mick Tanner Josh Young
Word on Jordan Florance is that quite a few AFL clubs are interested in him so he may not get to play at Willy.
Bugger, I was hoping we could keep Davies he was a vital cog in our midfield this year. North Melbourne didn't give him too much of a go unfortunately.
Is Nick Dimartino the son of the the Dimartino who played for Williamstown in the late 80's and early 90's?? And looked alot like Danny Delre!!
[quote="Dale61"]Ben, there was never any chance of Davies staying at Werribee when not on the 'Roos list. He is a Williamstown boy through and through, and no other team would ever enter into the equation.[/quote] I was hoping we could change that.