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Box Hill .... what's the deal?
How’s this for departures over the last two years; Clinton Alleway (captain), Tim Harvey (vc?), Daniel Breese (vc?), Trevor Batchelor, Andrew Buckenara, Steve Bailey, Ben Neagle, Stephen Kenna (3 yrs), Doug Scott, Andrew Pugsley, Chris Wilson, and with some of the boys, Rudolph, Weinert and McGlynn seemingly keen to follow Collins to Coburg, just who is left?!? Above is the core of a fairly strong side, that we haven’t been able to keep! Add in B&F winner Stephen Greene, VFL player disguised as a Hawthorn player, and there’s not much left. You can’t rebuild EVERY YEAR! Sure we’ve made the finals every year since 2000, but a final 8 with 13 teams is hardly a great season. Very lucky to make it this year, and bowed straight out. Box Hill is always known as a talent developing club, but there’s a few of us who would like some results, some continuity, and we are on a downward spiral. I don’t want to continue supporting pretty much a new team every year! I’d like some familiarity with players from season to season, watch them develop over a few years. That’s what footy’s all about!!! Anyway, I understand money difficulties and everything, but I would just like the clubs vision to be success first, development second. Go Stangas!
Duck! (They will come out fighting now. Or is that just when opposition supporters raise it??)
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Port Melbourne memberships are just $60 STANGA :lol: I'm sure you aren't the only one from Box Hill who is a little concerned losing so many players, and the high turnover off the Box Hill list generally. I'd love to hear Matty and Ricos comments.


[quote="Dolphin"]Duck! (They will come out fighting now. Or is that just when opposition supporters raise it??)[/quote] Hey !!!! I resemble that remark !!! :lol: Seriously , I think you'll find a good number of Box Hill people (from board level to the GBG's ) share your concern over the general principle of list turnover. However , (just so Dolphin doesn't think I'm going too soft on you ) a few facts might be a good idea re the players you've used as examples STANGA. Alleway has received the offer of a lifetime to go to Nth Adelaide and the club couldn't hope to match it. Harvey and Breese have decided that work will take precedence in their lives and have taken offers with suburban clubs that will both pay well and allow them the time to concentrate on their careers. Steven Greene is training at Essendon and is hoping to continue his career at AFL level and I dont think anyone could blame Box Hill for that. Remember , whatever you may have thought of him , he WAS a Hawthorn player , not Box Hill. Doug Scott was another AFL player , not VFL. He has suffered one of the most injury plagued junior careers of anyone I've known and as a result has decided to take on an assistant coaching role with a suburban club down the peninsula way ( keeping an eye out Dolphin ???) Steve Bailey ( like Allers) received a VERY good offer last year to go to Norwood. Again few , if any , VFL clubs could have matched it. Steve Kenna was drafted from Box Hill to the AFL , not too sure what we could have done to stop that !! AFter being delisted he also went to SANFL for good money. Trevor Batchelor and Andrew Buckenara both wanted to move to WA for family and work reasons. The club didn't feel obliged to pressure two young fringe players into staying in Melbourne against the wishes of lifestyle changes. Chris Wilson had always planned to take 05 and 06 off to travel the world on a working holiday. Again not something that Box Hill felt obliged to try to influence. ummmmm , Sammy Rudolph is in full training at Box Hill and Benny McGlynn and Brendan Weinert are doing pre seasons at Hawthorn and anxiously awaiting the rookie draft....not sure how that translates to them 'following Andy Collins' ???? Ben Neagle and Andrew Pugsley should BOTH still be playing at Box Hill. Guilty as charged ! I present these facts only in an effort to show that not ALL player movements are baswed around dissatisfaction with club or coach. There will always be player movement for a multitude of reasons. In fact it's healthy. A club that remains static re personnel on and off the field will wither and die. Fresh faces are a must ....and to get fresh faces , others must move on. In the context of aligned clubs , that is even more relevant because of the traffic created by the AFL clubs personnel.....something totally beyond the control of the VFL partner obviously. As VFL listed players move beyond the rookie age and into their mid 20s , the chances of being drafted diminish and the lure of money and longevity at suburban clubs becomes stronger. We mightn't like it but it's a simple fact. Box Hill , like all clubs , is now in the process of working through the multitude of young guys hoping to get on a VFL list. We have some terrific young guys coming through from the TAC cup program alongside some talented suburban and country kids giving it a shot. There WILL be changes. There WILL be guys who get cut , and yes ...there will be the odd mistake made ( but ssshhhhh , dont let Frankston know :wink: ). Not everyone from last year's list will be retained and as a result there will be those with grumbles........... HOWEVER ..... As I said at the outset , many at Box Hill share ( and have for a while) your concerns about the extent of player movement (both voluntary and imposed) and the effect that has on the club supporters , players , staff etc. As you're not doubt aware , the leadership of the past two years has changed . I personally believe that with that change will come a return to a more balanced list and , hopefully , a move to correct some of the concerns raised by many people around the club. I'm a firm believer in the concept of alignments. I think they are frought with the dangers of any 'big brother/little brother' relationships ( an argument for another thread and time) but I believe the concept is ok. It takes enormous work on the part of both partners to maintain a viable working system but it CAN work. Remember we're only 6 seasons into this concept and we're still tinkering , and still making blues along the way as we learn to drive the bloody thing. Likewise I believe efficient , passionate stand alone clubs can work in the same competition. To Box Hill supporters I say this..... the club is in for a tune up as we speak. The mechanics think it may have been that the mixture was a bit rich , but with a bit of work on the carby it should be running more smoothly now. just keep in mind that we'll be going in for tune ups all the time though , no one has yet invented the 'service-free ' footy club. To STANGA ....I reckon we got it (a bit) wrong. Just dont tell Dolphin for God's sake , we'll never hear the end of it !!! P.S I should add that all of this is simply my PERSONAL opinion and , the last time I checked , I didn't have a mortgage on being right. It's just what I think.
I understood why the players moved, drafting etc, wasn’t having a dig in that regard, and I know greenies an afl listed player, just showing that the fabric of the club is changing so often. A lot of holes on the ground. Thanks for your comments Rico, glad to hear your confidence that things should settle down in regards to list movement. It’s just frustrating to see such talent slipping through our grasp. You’re right about just being 6 years in to the alignments and all, and I think ours, other than sandy’s, has been the strongest. No complaints really with the Hawthorn end of things, I think ian dicker was pretty genuine in wanting to see Box Hill succeed, and hopefully that can continue with . . . . Jeff Kennett! I think he’s the replacement.
I agree with Rico. (I'll just pause for a moment while you all recover.) The AFL listed guys have absolutely no bearing on the discussion. Greene, Scott atc are irrelevent when discussing VFL list issues. (No. I won't be paying much attention. He had his shot) It is correct when Stanga suggests though that the loss of players overall tears a bit at the fabric of clubs, but that is the main conern with the alignments. I'm not sure haw much it tears as this depends on how much a part of the Box Hill fabric, these guys were. I would expect fairly little when considering taht most AFL listed players would not train with the VFL clubs, but I could be wrong. Rico also surprised me with his comments about the motor car, as I was think along the same lines when he discussed the fact that the alignments have only been in place for 6 years and they were still being tinkered with. The "full" alignment scenario that we have today is only 3 years in, and this is the analogy I was thinking of. Learning and tinkering and getting exeriance as you go is the same reason why "P" platers are involved in more fatal accidents on the road than any other 3 year band of drivers. Sometimes, things have to change, rather than be tinkered with. If not, then the results can be fatal. But overall, (I'm gonna say it again) I agree with Rico.
[quote="rico"] There WILL be guys who get cut , and yes ...there will be the odd mistake made ( but ssshhhhh , dont let Frankston know :wink: ). [/quote] Frankston will ring em up the next day and offer them a contract.
[quote="footyman"][quote:ae50a06274="rico"] There WILL be guys who get cut , and yes ...there will be the odd mistake made ( but ssshhhhh , dont let Frankston know :wink: ). [/quote] Frankston will ring em up the next day and offer them a contract.[/quote] Not unless they can play......... ........and looking at the Box Hill performance the only time we played them last year, there won't be much of a phone bill....... But having said that, as a supporter of the VFL in general, I would rather see these guys who can play staying the competition with Port or Frankston than pack up and go to SA. But maybe its just me who gives a stuff about the competition....... Blah Blah Blah .............................. I've said it all before.
At the risk of having this sound like the Rico/Dolphin mutual appreciation society........................ I doubt that the last meeting between these two sides would have left any Frankston officials clamouring for BHH players' phone numbers. Probably our worst senior performance for the season and our worst final quarter for 10 years by the ressies. Also , while I'd make all the appropriate noises about any of my teams' guys going to play for the opposition , I too would MUCH prefer that to the option of them draining off to other states. By the way , when I said 'there will be guys cut' , I wasn't trying to be controversial etc , I simply meant some guys will drop off the bottom of the list to make way for new guys coming out of the TAC cup etc etc. I believe Box Hill needs to address the 'balance' of the list , not simply retain everyone...............although , anyone who knows me realises that's why I'd NEVER make a coach or such like , I WOULD keep em all , lol . I'm afraid I follow footy with my heart instead of my head. I end up lovin ALL the guys who pull on a brown and gold jumper and I suffer like a bloody jewish mother when they go. Imagine my pain the last 2 years !!!!!!
The main issue that irks me is not the player turnover, but the turnover of core players. Players that are the fabric of the club and are the club have been sent packing from Box Hill recently (largley as part of the Andy Collins regime). Guys like Tyson Collins, Neagle, Pugsley, Heenan, Morse, Bayford, Matt Smith etc have all been lost. These are the guys that clubs can be built around. Sandy has proven that you need experienced players to be sucessful, guys that have been around the club.
Matt Smith!!! How could i forget!!! He was so underated! I think he's at south adelaide, box hills sa club!