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Box Hill d Willy - Reserves GF
YOU BEAUTY!!! What a game! Nothing like slogging out a win against a fancied opposition in the wet! Although i knew it meant the crowd would be well down for the main game and would look crap on tv, was glad the rain came down. The end of the 1st quarter was probably their best patch, where they were able to run the ball into the wind and score fairly easily. Glad the rain came when it did, stopped Willy from playing open footy, and denied them using the strong wind effectively in the 2nd qu. Well done Patty Hassett on BOG, great to see. Thought Sammy Rudolph was sensational all day, in fact the whole backline worked hard together, and really shut willy down. Gooch up forward was great, especially his 2nd goal in the first term, (when it was still sunny) on the boundry and under pressure. Spent a good minute or so fighting with little number 11 in the last term as the ball kept passing over their heads. Would love to see him given a go at seniors. Poor old Cooky did his hammy in the last, but did well while it was dry, and worked hard when it was wet. Though Sammy Gibson was great, Holmes, (Shane Brewer look-alike) was hard working, Gibson... the team just played so well together. Big Stuey Hill kicked an important goal in the last term and really stood tall with a couple of important mark. A bit nervy when Willy hit back in the last term but we steadied well. Great scenes in the middle of the ground at the end there, Willy looked so dejected, it was great! Couldn't stick around for the seniors GF, but was so glad i got down to see hopefully what is the future of the Box Hill footy club. As Arthur was heard to say .... WHAT A VICTORY!
Well done Hawks. Neally fell of my seat when I heard Brad Gotch in his 'special comments' role saying that Box Hill had dropped back senior players to play in their reserves GF side !! Fair dinkum Gotchy , your mob played 6 blokes who had played in the senior PF the week before. Plus , you had 2 AFL guys playing in Hall and Walker. Box Hill had.....ummm , hang on , I'll find it......eerrrr , ummmm , oh yeah , Box Hill had 0 ! The SENIOR players he must have been referring to were blokes like Rudolph , Jolley , Weinert and Cook. All guys who have played many more reserves games than senior games. I know it must have hurt Gotchy , to have lost the only game of the year that really mattered but give me a break will ya. Great performance by the Hawks and lets hope the club can use this as a springboard to rebuilding the place after the slash and burn Liberatore/Collins years. All this means little in the long run unless they can translate yesterdays win into senior success in the next 3 years.