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Camberwell FC reunion
I went to Camberwell's 25th anniversary of their 1981 2nd Division flag. Very good turnout and great day. The memoribilia was fantastic to look back on. Leon Rice was one of the speakers. He was coach of the 1981 flag but also was in Hawthorn's 1971 premiership lineup. It would be great if more old VFA clubs had turns like this. Camberwell has a very dedicated bunch of old supporters and it is a crying shame that the club does not play anywhere these days. Next year will be 25 years since Northcote's 1982 flag. It would be great if a club like that did hold a reunion. Oakleigh is a club that has not had any reunions or not been heard of since they folded. They had a lot of supporters in their day. I think it is time to send a rocket up the VFL to get this VFA team of the Century up and happening next year. If you leave it up to them nothing will happen. Do they really care ? Speaking of memoribillia I was speaking to a few people yesterday and they were concerned that a lot of old history and records get thrown out and not preserved. When a club folds what happens to the records and memorobillia ? I know that Northcote's is kept by the council somewhere. Other clubs would have bits and peices everwhere. Past presidents, secretaries, supporters, players have some. Others get thrown out, who knows. Where is Oakleigh's ? Where is Sunshine's ? History should be preserved and not destroyed.
So true! I pains me to think of the things that have been turfed! Team of the century, a definate, but which century? Not getting closer to the20th century. The window is closing for "teams of the century". The VFA/L should've jumped on this earlier. Wouldn't it be great to have a VFA museum, attatched to like a merchandise shop or something? Do any clubs have museums? Clubs have memorabilia, but down at Punt Road, up in the old members stand come social club, Ron Riefell, Pauls dad, has set up an amazing array of memorabilia, scrapbooks, membership tickets, jumpers, odd photos etc.