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Diggers a Stangahawk
[quote]MORRELL JOINS HAWKS Tuesday, 27 November 2007 The Box Hill Hawks Football Club is pleased to announce the signing of Digby Morrell to its playing roster for the 2008 VFL season. Morrell, 28, spent the last two seasons with Carlton's affiliate the Northern Bullants and despite an injury plagued 2007 season, is looking for a fresh start in the new year. "I'm really excited to be at Box Hill," said Morrell. "I think there's a lot of grounds for improvement at the club as they've gone out and got a great coach and are recruiting really well," "Along with the ongoing improvement of the Hawthorn kids, it should be an exciting year and a sucessful year," "I'm just looking forward to getting fully fit and playing my part in the team after a frustrating year with injuries last season". Morrell was recruited from West Perth by the Kangaroos in 2001 where he spent three seasons (40 games / 47 goals) before being traded for Carlton. He then spent 2004-2005 under Denis Pagan (32 games / 12 goals) before being delisted and joining the Bullants. Morrell is the second big name signing for the club for 2008 after it acquired former Hawk, Steve Kenna, from South Adelaide last month. [/quote] Great work down there at City Oval! If we can hold the young list together, the experience of Morrell, Kenna, Height, Nick Smith, Cam Hunter and Dave King if he can get fit will be invaluable to the younger fellas coming through. Will Cookie look elswhere though with the signing of a key forward? Hope not, had a bad year but has plenty to offer, and he's a character! Welcome aboard Diggers!
Be interesting to see if Digby can come up..and be injury free...he aint getting any younger :roll:
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Not surprised he has left Preston, espeacially with the bullants playing more games at Carlton. Looks like that the SANFL and WAFL will not have as many vfl players crossing over to their leagues in 2008 as in past years.