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North Ballarat Line Ups
From the Ballarat Courier, last weeks teams. What do you think? NORTH BALLARAT line-ups: SENIORS (2pm) B: Jacob Ewart, Shaune Moloney, Julian Field HB: Craig Biddiscombe, Leigh Ryall, Marty McGrath C: Jacob Spolding, Shane Hutchinson, Djaran Whyman HF: Brent Tuckey, Nathan Saunders, Brett Goodes F: Garth Taylor, Stephen Jurica, Andrew Eccles R: Nick Bye, Jim Plunket, Jarrod McCorkell Inter: Nick Barling, Paul McMahon, Gavin Miller, Andrew McLean RESERVES (11.10am) B: Justin McConnell, Nick Spolding, Marc Greig HB: Jarrod Edwards, Shane Snibson, Chris O'Keefe C: Dean Chester, Danny Frith, Tim Swanton HF: Danny Grellett, Ryan Head, Matt Sharkey F: Corey Fagg, Matt Doyle, Michael Searl R: Clinton Edwards, Jason McNamara, Mick Foster Inter: Jarrod Atkinson, Julian Porter, Daniel Parkin, Chris Sanders, Kyle George, Hayden Timms
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Their senior side reads pretty well on paper.. some real talent in that side. How much senior footy did Snibson play last year? I thought he was one of their more senior players ? Their Half Forward and Forward lines look pretty strong to me. I didnt see Port play them last week, so Im not sure if they all played last week.