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Marty McGrath
Read on a supporters board: [url][/url] ...that Martin McGrath was picked for North Ballarats reserves but didn't show up. Obvisouly his form hasn't been too good if he is playing in their two's, has anyone who has seen a few of the Roosters games this season tell me how he has gone when you have seen him?
He played a few senior games early in April but aside from that has just played a few reserves matches. Last I heard he was injured again but he did miss a few games before that for personal reasons (I believe he went home to WA for a funeral). Don't think we have a North Ballarat poster who can confirm if that's right?
What has happened to Marty McGrath ? He is a great talent but has obviously gone off the rails. I was hoping he went back to North Ballarat and starred and got another crack at an AFL career as he was one of the most exciting talents around in recent times.