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Gold Coin Admission
North Ballarat have introduced gold coin admission to all home games this season, with the proceeds going to local charities. Members were supplied with a fridge magnet listing senior games.
Great fundraising opportunities, what ever happened to a club making money from memberships though? What about VFL season pass holders, will they have to still make a gold coin donation? Will be happy to contribute to the local hospitals when we play North Ballarat later this year.
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BCARBONARO wrote [i]"...what about VFL season pass holders...[/i] What is a VFL season pass.??? I might e interested
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:D blackrocker ,become an official helper ,sponsor , committee member and you can receive a vfl pass in other words support your local vfl club. maybe you are Sandy supporter with the name black rock a suburb of Sandringham if so join in you are most welcome. go zebs zebra :wink:
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Zebra my nick name refers to my complection and preference of music..By coincidence I reside in a suburb adjoining Sandringham...Already a Sandy member. I thought a VFL pass might have been something that would allow me to support my club & the whole competition..