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Yes I found him a very nice bloke when he coached Port Melbourne always had time to talk to supporters at any time.When we played North Ballarat a few weeks back he was great in defeat and shook our hands and said well done your team was too good on the day! Great man and great coach and he nearly won us a flag in his one year as our coach. Go Borough!
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[b]Zebra wrote[/b] [quote]BUT AFTER THIS WEEK'S GAME PLEASE[/quote] I better try and find you before the seniors match starts!
Never really spoken to him, but he always is humble in defeat and speaks well at our aftermatch functions when we have played North Ballarat.
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:D I'll be very easy to find ,I have the loudest mouth (not foul) barracking for the Zebras, just ask any of my best friends. But I do think Sandy will give the Roosters a good fair dinkum challenge this Sunday as they know it's on the line for a chance in the finals. go zebs zebra :wink:
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now zebra...Michael Ryan is louder than you...and me combined for that matter

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Top bloke as well.
Footyman, you should really look at meeting Gerard. He is a very nice man