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[quote="STANGA"]Damien Adkins to Port . . . is that what you're trying to subtly mention? Remember, be ready for another interstate recruit this week?[/quote] Nah, I haven't heard anything about Adkins.


Looks like Young will be wearing a red guernsey next season, if he isn't wearing a Blue one. He has been rookied by Carlton. He will probably still play for the Bullants more often than not. [But then, he may not.]
Great reward for Young, a class player. I think he'll sneak up and get a senior game.
Williamstown are supposedly keen on Atkins but the word is he's more likely to join Dolphin's team? Can you confirm that chief>?
I understand everybody is pretty keen on Adkins.
[quote]I also heard a report, which i laughed at, that Rohan Smith might even run out for Williamstown next season. Would have thought that Werribee would be the most likely team he'd play for, but he was picked up from the Western Jets, and played his junior footy for Kingsville, so he would be returning to his roots[/quote] Can tell you Dale that Bubba returned to his original cricket club last saturday[Willy CC] and made a stylish 84 against Brighton. He had played as a 15 year old at Willy and had to make the usual choice between cricket and footy,has lived not far from Pt.Gellibrand for ages so i reckon any chance of him playing at werribee would be very long odds. As i understand it Lokan was close to signing a while ago but nothing definate yet,I,m still having nightmares thinking about Adkins running round in circles and kicking backwards,great ball getter but wastes it too often.
Supposedly Cloke's shoulder is now OK. I'll believe it when I see it.
I don't think it could be too bad or he wouldn't have been drafted at all: he did do the medical screening. However, that doesn't mean it is good, nor that it will stand up to a season of footy. Very interesting to see how many times he can get on the park. Expectations are pretty low.