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Bullants V Sandringham
Not a good day for the Bullants as they were outclassed by Sandringham. Sandy's winning margin should have been bigger, with the Bullants really struggling with only nine AFL listed players taking the field. Few positives for the Bullants, but Evan Murray was respectable in his first senior game and as usual David Teague played his hart out, Morrell finished with four goals from limited chances. Lance Whitnell was serviceable at best, not sure why he started the game a ruck-rover! As a general rule I'm not a Whitnell 'knocker', [the press are tougher on him than any other AFL player] but his days as an AFL player are almost over. He really needs to have a big one against the Dolphins next week and finish the year off with Carlton in style or it might be curtins. The Bullants need to win at least one of their remaining games to make the eight. In the past the Bullants haven't matched up well against Frankston and will be streched to beat them this weekend.
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:D David Teague marked everything that he was supposed to and really gave the Bullants something to kick to,but his team mates let him down a bit. That little guy from back pocket boy can he run fast . Will not comment on Lance as he is only just come back and needs more game time. But the Zebras are all playing well and really finding good form at the right time of the season. Still have to find room for Captain Liddle and Warnock, so happy so far. go zebs zebra :wink: