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Most interesting speaches by VFA coaches
Most interesting speaches by VFA coaches Steve Parsons Brunswick In the early 80s Brunswick were second on the ladder and were trailling Box Hill by a goal at the last change. Box Hill were second last or last at the time. He eyeballed all his players and said "you got yourselves in this fu***n mess, get yourselves out of this fu***n mess. Brunswick responded by kicking 10 goals. Peter Weightman Preston He once said this game is great, it is better than sex. Preston were playing Williamstown at Cramer street in the mud. It was in the late 80s and the contests were hard. Merv Keane Williamstown He once used a line about Staurt Diver and how he crawled to safety. He urged the Gulls to show the same grit. Barry Gill Williamstown Lets beat the pain barrier was his favourite line. He was a hard nut who once flattened Pat Flaherty at the Shepley Oval to the disgust of the Dandenong faithful. David Thorpe Yarraville Playing Northcote at Westgarth Street he told all his players lets hit them, clenching his fists. When Yarraville ran onto the ground an all in brawl erupted.