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Five of the worst coaches in the VFA
Five of the worst VFA coaches Top 5 Damien Christiensen Worst ever. Coached Williamstown to a winless season in 1995. Absolute carrot who had no idea. Coaching Box Hill in 2006 Five of the worst coaches in the VFA Wayne Kirby Coached Box Hill in 1977 Was better known for being a greyhound commentator at Olympic Park Dogs. Recruited the son of Mario Milano (World Championship Wrestling) from the good old days when it was shown on Channel 9. I don't think he lasted long. Tom Alvin Coached the Zebras but had no communication skills. Used the same boring vocab time and time again. Did not last long in the coaching circles. He coached the zebras for 2 years. Neville Massina Bendigo Diggers coach who should have stuck to Bush Footy Michael Ford Springvale Must be the only coach ever to win a flag (1995) and get sacked. He was a fruit cake who once went out with Elle McFeast.