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:D would you be in favour of a VFL TEAMS ONLY footy tipping 2006 season. only one person to represent your VFL team and tips MUST be in by midday Friday before game. No money involved as too hard to gather in and could possibly lead to mistrusting and arguments so no money. Unless others have better idea.??PREFER THE TEAM TIPSTER BE A TRUE SUPPORTER OF THAT CLUB. Teams would be listed as same as ladder 1-13. one point each win,half point each team for tie or match abandonned . Winning team(s) receive the honour of being first winners of the VFL tipping. (can we get a small sponsor?) . let's know your thoughts as this is only my suggestion for VFL interested. :wink: go zebs
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Zebra, I have been running a VFL tipping comp since 2000 season. We started with 11 people in 2000 and have built it up to 96 tipsters last season. Most likely to have around the 120 mark this season. I will post details next week. For the record it costs $20 for the season with prizemoney for top three tipsters for season as well as weekly prizes for 6 winners. Also have prizes for aggregate score in ABC match of the day. Last season it was in the odd rounds where $40 went to the tipster nearest the aggregate score for the ABC match of the day. Also $30 weekly prize for 6 winners. If no one selects 6 winners it jackpots to the folowing week. There was $1920 up for grabs as there was 96 tipsters. Tips can be sent to me by email on a weekly basis. I send results with weekly wrap and spreadsheet by email to all every Monday. Footyman shared top prize last season. VFA Full details next week VFA
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:D thank you for of your vfl tipping contest I didn't know you already had started one ,so thank you and count me in for this season. regards zebra :wink:
George puts together an excellent competition, with an email update to each participant every Monday with the results of the previous week, plus plenty of chances to pick up a cash prize either weekly or at the end of the season. Last year was my first time in it, certainly can recommend it to others that they should be involved for the cost of a small outlay its well worth the fun.