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Hope the bullants beat sandy and willy beat geelong, whoever wins the premiership out of the bullants or willy does not matter as long as sandy or geelong dont win. I wouldnt mind the bullants as they have not won a flag for a long time. Go Borough!
I reckon Preston might get over the Sandy. With Bryan to come back in, they could really stretch Sandy down back. Morrell, Deluca, Bryan and McLaren who can drift down and kick a goal. But Sandy are definately not to be written off! It's a 50/50 tip really. Sautner will find the flooding tactics of the Bullants hard to counter, especially on the tight ground, and he might kick a few, but not dominate as he did against Geelong. Livingstone out, will help him though. Should be close, but the Bullants won last week with little input from Morrell, Harford and Chambers, and have a big scope for improvement, whereas Sandy may have played at their best against Geelong. I hope Willy, but i think Geelong. The way they ran out the end of quarters last week was a bit scary. Kingsley, Ablett, Playfair, gee, i hope Willy can get up, but i just feel (unfortunately), that Geelong will. What players do Willy get back from Collingwood? Willy's VFL listed players are strong, Lloyd, Williams, Greene, Johnson, Lawry etc, hopefully they can negate Geelong late in quarters, when they feel like turning on the switch to just win. Put numbers back at the 20 minute mark, whatever, because they just expect they can turn it on when they want and win. Need to find the right matchup for Kingsley, stop making him look good! A Preston v Willy grand final would be fantastic! If Geelong gets through to the granny, then the bigger Princes Park will practically assure the tragic club of another VFL flag. I think Geelong would very unfortunately be my favorite at the moment, not becuase they play well as a team, or have earned or deserved it, but being able to carry 5 more players with AFL level fitness might just be the telling factor. Really hope i'm wrong! Geelong (VFL) will probably be in line for a flag every 3-5 years.
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I am tipping Sandy to get over the line in an absolutely terrific game of footy. Geelong will edge Williamstown out on the Sunday.


Both should be great grand finals, Onslaught. By the way, will posters be gathering at a particular spot? It would be good to meet a few people and put a face to the posts
[quote="theobserver"]You're getting smug now. Hey, what about your high-priced ruckman, Oliver? Couldn't squeeze him in?[/quote] Not smug, just answering your questions. No, I couldn't fit Oliver in. Great bloke, but didn't have the best year. [quote:d668b26ed7="CGull"]After all this mass hysteria,it begs the question,how on earth did Frankston ever lose a game this season?[/quote] What hysreria. Is a discussion on the quality of non-AFL listed players on lists.
Can i change my tip to Sandy? Just looking through the teams, i didn't realise the depth they had down back, Nicholson, Ferguson, Bizzell, Biddlecombe, Lamb and Liddell. Add in Kellaway next year?

I am looking for old Sandringham VFA Grand Finals from the 70's to the 90's.