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Sandy V Northern Bullants
If someone had told me Sandy would win by 80 points todat I would have rung the loony bin....beat them by a similar margin last year in the finals....but.... I honestly thought Preston might have won today....yet Sandy not only won...they smashed them..and the pleasing thing was that it was an overall team effort.. Warnock and Johnston made the trip back from Perth...I thought we would get killed in the ruck and I think the stats showed that Preston won the rucks but Sandy more than made up for that in clearances....thought it was odd that Chris Bryan didn't play.... Be interesting to see what happens with Barry Mitchell now at Preston..... Can't wait for next week....maybe...just maybe a 3peat... Some headaches over team selection next week...Godfrey out as he isn't eligble...Biddlecombe should be back...Nathan Jones must surely get a game... GO ZEBRAS
I'll be brief. The Northern Bullants were shithouse. Sandringham were fantastic and they'll win it again.
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The game was all over after 15 minutes. Sandy was hard at the ball and played the perfect game. Preston had no idea whatsoever. In fact I reckon that the zebras would have beaten Carlton, after all the Carlton players for the bullants were absolutely pox and not interested. Will take a very big effort for the seagulls or the cats to beat them next week. I am hopeful Willy can fix up Geelong tomorrow to at least get into the big one. Ezra Poyas was superb today.
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[quote="theobserver"]I'll be brief. The Northern Bullants were shithouse. Sandringham were fantastic and they'll win it again.[/quote] Nice Summary.. couldnt agree more, Barry Mitchell gave them a huge blast at quarter time, and the playeres just didn't respond. Sandringham thoroughly deserve a spot in the Grand Final.


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Zebras were awesome with every player putting in and can't help but feel a little sorry for the Bullants supporters who never got their team going at all. Who ever wins today Cats/Seagulls will make for a great Grand Final next week. Sandy will have plenty of confidence but must not think this game will be a gimme...l go zebs zebra :wink: