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Well Done Scorpions 2s
Nice to see the Springvale 2s won their first game today since season 2002. I'm sure there would be a few blokes who have stuck with the club through some really bad losses, well done to them and their new coach Paul Evans for getting them off the bottom of the ladder. Gotta wonder how bad Frankstons 2s side is though?
I think that would be Springvale reserves best side for a while with D. Carroll, S Smith and D. Rigg all dropped from the seniors and contributing so that helps. Springy handled the gale better and played smarter into it. It was evident they wanted the win more desperately. Frankston two’s aren’t that bad as they really pushed North Ballarat up there and Williamstown in round 4. Yet they played really out of character against springy with a total lack of passion that is usually shown in games against the arch rival. At least Frankston seniors finally broke away for the win after they were fairly ordinary for the first three quarters. They could easily be 4-0 after loosing their two games after being in winnable positions by a total of only 22 points. Go Dolphs
Footyman , any info on Paul Evans' background ???
[quote="rico"]Footyman , any info on Paul Evans' background ???[/quote] I believe he retired as a player from Mordialloc FC at the end of last year.