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I wouldn't mind them training on the ground, as they would probably only hold sessions at times when Port Melbourne can't use the ground. Its a potential revenue stream (albeit minor) to give them use of the ground. I can't see it having any affect on the redevelopments (due to start soon) in place for the ground. Regarding the speculation of an alignment.. I don't think thats even remotely on the cards. After watching a couple of games during the aligments, I realise how much I appreciate having the club back standing alone.


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Port to play at Sandy...Scenario St. Kilda take over Teak Oval like they took over Moorabbin 1965....Port Melbourne without a home ground only cricket and St. Kilda at Teak Oval... don't laugh it has happened before and could again. Problem solved Port can share a non cricket, full time footy oval at Trevor Barker Oval Sandringham. The Zebras owe a favour to Port re their help and support to Sandy re the moving ceremony to our late President Gary Gilchrist held at the Borough Teak Oval this year. This is definately not an amalgimation offfer as both clubs would never allow this ..but a hand of VFL friendship if both committees agree and they are in need of a nearby playing arena season 2007. go zebs zebra :wink: zebra
You've gone bonkers Zebra. Wine will flow down the Yarra before Port Melbourne leaves TEAC...
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Zebra what medication are you on to come out with that statement, Port have a strong relationship with the council to leave teac oval.Plus we would not relocate to sandy's ground. Also our finances are very strong. Go Borough!
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C'mon fellas lighten up ..I know you aren't moving just trying to give a little conversation going in the off season.....but stranger things have happened. go zebs zebra :wink:
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Zebra strange things do happen but what you suggest will not eventuate. Go Borough!
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[b]Stanga wrote[/b] [quote]The Sainters were originally going to be gradually renamed the Moorabbin Saints when they moved out there, yet obviously nothing ever came of that. [/quote] If I remember correctly Moorabbin VFA side registered Moorabbin Saints so if StKilda wanted that name they would have to pay Moorabbin for it! Forward thinking, unlike the AFL which allows soccer clubs to register club names.
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Because of St Kilda's shift to Moorabbin we saw the demise of Moorabbin back in mid 60s. They were a very powerful VFA club, albiet for a brief period. Who does St Kilda think they are ? They are called St Kilda and they should have developed the Junction Oval years ago. That ground had the best playing surface anywhere. Surely they can spend big dollars there and move back to their real home. Casey Fields, Teac Oval, they might as well throw in Bentleigh Rec Reserve or McKinnon Reserve. Leave the VFA clubs alone St Kilda and return to your grass roots back at the Junction Oval !!
Although I think that the Saints & Kingston Council will sort the matter out, and therefore a move to Casey Fields won’t happen, I reckon it would be fantastic. A new facility built using the AFL & State Govt funds ($6 million combined) could provide an admin & training complex at the VFL facility at Casey Fields. With Casey Council about to build a $28 million leisure centre less than a kilometer away (with pools and a huge gym) there’d be no need to have extensive fitness facilities constructed at Casey Fields. The concern that the Scorpions would lose their identity is misplaced – it would always remain as a separate entity. The benefits to the alignment of having an integrated operation at Casey Fields is obvious. In addition, the relationships between the players of the two clubs and the knowledge and understanding of the Scorpions and its players by Saints listed players would make for a far better combination on VFL match day. Obviously it wouldn’t be a simple exercise, but it could be a fantastic outcome and the envy of all other VFL teams (who are already envious of just the facilities that the Scorpions have found themselves in).
I wont be envoius, you sure your name isnt RW. $28 million on a new facilities. $6 million from the AFL and State, I think I'm going to be sick. Next they will grant pokies there.