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[quote="Adeldog"]Flathead I'm sorry to break you the news but caught one of your cousins in my crab net on Saturday out in my boat, he got his gills caught in the nylon mesh, " by the way" i gave one of your associates on here a heap players moving from Melb to Adel and the only one ive got wrong so far is Eames, mind you back to the fishing, your cousin weighed a kilo and was very good eating. Obviously good looks doesnt run in your family but they are good eating Thanks Dolp/// sorry i meant FLATHEAD[/quote] Why am I not surprised by your involvement with Crabs? However, I am pleased to know that I have "associates". :wink:
very good comeback sir, you made me giggle
[quote="Adeldog"]very good comeback sir, you made me giggle[/quote] Glad about that. As always, I wish you nothing but joy and good health.
[quote="Dolphin"][quote:fca5b051ac="onslaught"][quote:fca5b051ac="Jimmy"][quote:fca5b051ac="theobserver"]I'm guessing it's T Makepeace. If it is they've done bloody well because Port spoke to him, and Port haven't missed.[/quote] Rumour doing the rounds in SA is that Makepeace could be playing for Central District. Not sure how accurate that is but thought it be of interest here.[/quote] Cheers Jimmy. I understood he didn't want to move interstate, so if he does go to Centrals they must have made a big big offer to him. I'd still expect to him to be lining up somewhere in the VFL though.[/quote]His future will be announcedby 5.00pm today! :wink:[/quote] Already confirmed last night at the Casey Scorpions Training. Will be an assistant coach and slotted in nicely on the track. Hopefully his signing will attract a couple of other experienced players before the season starts.
[quote="Dolphin"][quote:0f59ce6f3e="caseyscorp"][quote:0f59ce6f3e="iceman"]Interesting 2007 for the scorps, will want to gain some experienced players soon![/quote] Might be some news next week.[/quote] Delisted North player in the mix as I hear it.[/quote] Looks like everyone was on the same wavelength (except the Central Districts rumour). Great result.
[quote="caseyscorp"]Looks like everyone was on the same wavelength (except the Central Districts rumour). Great result.[/quote] Never trust a South Australian!