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Troy makepiece is coaching Moe in the gippsland latrobe league next year also.
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Carmody for Collingwood vfl team ? What's next - Jason Caples to play for West Coast ? or Shayne Smith to play for Geelong. I think there is a dollar incentive for Carmody. Why would he want to play for them. Gone from a club like the scorpions where he has given great service to an afl stand alone club. NO SENSE
makes heaps of cents and Dollars He obviously left scorpions for reasons mentioned with the banfield saga and he was picked up by the pies in order to deliver some onfield leadership from a player who is known and has experience in this area and the competition. Players do move on after they give great service to a club. I wish him luck even if it is collingwood. Love the Oval too he does great work for that.