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Top 8 2008
Geelong Williamstown Port Melbourne Nth Ballarat Sandy Casey Frankston Coburg Box Hill Collingwood Bendigo Werribee Bullants Tasmania
Casey in the 8? Tas on the bottom? Realise they had a horrible year last year but I think that is a tad harsh! Bit early for mine - would like to see the final lot of signings over the next couple of weeks before committing... Good conversation starter though - good work bigman!!
[quote="bigman"]Geelong Williamstown Port Melbourne Nth Ballarat Sandy Casey Frankston Coburg Box Hill Collingwood Bendigo Werribee Bullants Tasmania[/quote] Casey?? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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[b]Williamstown Geelong Port Melbourne Sandy Werribee Frankston Nth Ballarat Collingwood [/b] Bullants Coburg Box Hill Bendigo Tasmania Casey (Yes bottom, but will improve a lot in 2009)


Williamstown [no bias] Geelong Box Hill Nth Ballarat Sandringham Prt Melbourne Coburg Collingwood Frankston Werribee Tasmania Nth Bullants Bendigo Casey
[quote="ons"]Casey (Yes bottom, but will improve a lot in 2009)[/quote] Given the loss of experienced senior players after the 2007 season this is probably not an unfair assessment. However, the interesting compensating factor may be the increased quality of St Kilda players available from a stronger Saints list [u]provided they keep clear of injuries[/u] (which they did in the 2nd half of last season). I won't disagree with your assessment, but I won't be surprised to see a considerably better finish either.
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Yeah I just feel that they may be a very junior side in 2008 who will probably really start to show their potential in the following year. A lot rests on the attitude of the St Kilda players pulling on the Scorps jumper.


We know casey will be above Frankston as will most teams.
Geelong Sandringham Port Willy Collingwood Nth Ballarat Box Hill Coburg Frankston Tassie Bendigo Northern Bullants Werribee Casey
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Williamstown to finish on top quite comfortably North Ballarat Port Melbourne Sandringham Werribee Box Hill Coburg Frankston ----------------------- Geelong Collingwood Tasmania Preston Bendigo Casey Geelong for a downfall. Collingwood not to make the eight either. Box Hill to improve. Frankston to sneak into the eight. Port to go very well under Ayres. Williamstown will be the team to beat with the recruiting plus the alignment with the dogs. Casey will come last. Tassie to improve on last year but still fall short of finals. Williamstown v Collingwood will be a grudge match as will Williamstown v Werribee (they always are). Port Melbourne will give it to Collingwood in Round one. Casey to cop at least two hidings in excess of 100 points. They will get better later in the season where youngsters will improve with games. Preston will be not happy with Carlton as Carlton play a high percentage of afl listed players. Gavin Brown will say Collingwood is not interested in winning the flag but grooming players for the afl. Ayres will be a cult hero with Port as the borough do extremely well. North Ballarat and Werribee both have good years with both clubs partly aligned with North Melbourne. Should be an intersting season ahead. If there was a market on the season Geelong would still be favourite from williamstown then possibly Sandringham. Casey would be the rank outsider from Tassie. Geelong maybe 2/1 with the seagulls 5/2. Casey would be 100/1.
PORT MELBOURNE WILLIAMSTOWN SANDRINGHAM NTH BALLARAT COLLINGSCUM GEELONG COBURG PRESTON Should be a very tight tussle for the top four with the Ayres coached borough as the big improver . Ever consistent sandy should be up amongst it as per usual and the cats to slip slightly after losing a number of their squad over the break. The stand alone pies should make an immediate impression , loathe them or loathe them , it should be interesting having them in the comp. Bendigo - wooden spooners.